Perry Marshall – MAZE 2.0 (Bronze) - Stealth Autoresponder Machine
Perry Marshall – MAZE 2.0 – Stealth Autoresponder Machine
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MAZE 2.0: Stealth Autoresponder Machine
Under-the-Radar Methods that Build Trust & Authority BEFORE and After Opt-in
Mobile, Social & Video are Strangling Your “1.0” Sales Funnel. You’re 2 Years Behind. 2 Weeks from Now You Can be 2 Years AHEAD – with Minimal Work

Dear Marketing Professional:
You’re doomed.
Seriously, you could be like the old-school stereo equipment guys.
Editorial in this month’s Stereophile magazine: ‘In the 1920s, the record companies were RAKING IT IN cuz the phonograph came out. In the 1980s, they were raking it in AGAIN with CDs. And now, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube… curse those evil bastards…’
Half the stereo mag editorials are nostalgia. The rest rant about Gen Y’s Beats and earbuds. The younger generation just doesn’t appreciate a truly great CD the way they used to.
There’s one person left in the record company office, a desperate attorney filing lawsuits.
That’s about to be you. And your internet sales machine. If you don’t change.
This is what happens when Mobile and Social and Video tunnel right under you, directly to your customers.
It all transpires invisibly, until suddenly it’s too late.

Five Symptoms You’re Losing Ground Fast:
The “free line” keeps moving… lately it’s like having to offer people negative interest rates. “Hey, I’ll pay you to borrow this money!”
Webinars don’t make the cash register ring like they used to. You’re lucky to get 40% of sign-ups to show up
Collecting email addresses is like pulling fangs from a deranged wolf with rabies
You got banned from FB for doing “perfectly reasonable” things … like promising real results and providing actual guarantees
You used to feel like you possessed a secret alchemy lab, but now you’re standing outside in the snow without a coat

Bottom Line: The beloved Pay Per Click Ad / Squeeze Page / Autoresponder Sequence / Sales Page is nearly obsolete.
The smartphone.
The smartphone has swallowed your watch, CD player, turntable, alarm clock, camera, taxi, map, guitar tuner, metronome, scanner, tape recorder, video camera, calculator, notepad, flashlight, kitchen timer, thermometer, barometer and Bible.
That phone is going to swallow your sales machine too if you’re not wary. Markets are slippery and you could lose traction fast.
Email is STILL critical. You still have to do the blocking and tackling like you used to…but if you don’t build trust before you get the email address, you’re in danger of never getting that address at all!?
But sleep with one eye open, cuz email is nowhere near enough.
The concept of THE MAZE, the same one I’ve been teaching more than ten years, must now extend its tentacles far beyond your email list… so the same “auto-responsive” systems that reliably hone in on interested prospects and leave others alone, also slash the amount of work you must do in Social Media.
True or False? Social Media is “74 things you’re not doing nearly enough of.” You’re pretty sure getting seduced into doing them will smear your carcass across 1,000 miles of dirt road. So you feel trapped.
Social Media can either drive you totally crazy, stringing you out and dissipating your energy, leaving you with nothing… or you can neatly fold it into a cohesive, efficient strategy.
Email is still the inner sanctum – especially for all forms of BUSINESS activity – but it’s only part of the picture. The MAZE concept now extends to everything.
Maze 2.0 is a way to conk out a bunch of social media tasks too, with modest effort.
The Maze 2.0 can extend into your customers’ smartphones and simplify your life… or social media can drag you through a cheese grater, subdividing you into 1,000 pieces, dragging you into a million useless conversations and diluting you into nothingness.
Ye Olde Internet Marketing Mousetrap is Rusty & Crumbling
The Four Horsemen of the Direct Marketing Apocalypse are Thundering Toward Your Sales Funnel
All of us cocky direct marketers (who are soooo much smarter than those silly brand advertisers) are going to have to eat some humble pie…or suffer the sword of the Horsemen.
Always yearning to “see around the corner,” long-time Planet Perry member Ben Gorelick posted this in the Mastermind Forum:
Hey everyone,
– At my school, a year ago, about 45% of our traffic was from mobile. It’s more than 80% now.
– Facebook (especially) and apps/aggregators, Apple News are changing the way people find and view content.
– Huge shift to video-based consumption.
Right now, I suspect a lot of us make our business go with a funnel that looks something like:
1) Create good/useful content to drive traffic, build rapport, trust, and expertise and get opt-ins to email. (underpants)
2) Churn users through an email AR sequence or three to continue to develop rapport/trust/expertise, and to keep hitting those nerves
3) Make sale and follow up. (Profit!)
I’m starting to feel like that isn’t enough anymore. Maybe that’s not correct. I’m starting to feel like my funnel will need to be different 2 years from now.
– As email use declines, especially among younger users, how will direct response marketing change?
– As people become more brand-agnostic for their content, how will we capture people’s attention with the good stuff that we churn out? How do you keep that attention for more than one article or blog post, especially if the publishing is now incorporated into FB or similar, instead of on your website?
It’s gotta be more than adding FB ads to an AdWords/PPC strategy, isn’t it?

Perry Marshall – MAZE 2.0 – Stealth Autoresponder Machine
Price: $997
You Just Pay: $97
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