Perry Marshall – Google’s Right Side Wipeout Survival Guide (Copy)

Perry Marshall – Google’s Right Side Wipeout Survival Guide
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Google’s Right Side Wipeout Has Left a Lot of Marketers Bobbing in the Sea, Gasping for Breath, Gulping Lungfulls of Flood Water
If YOUR ads are not ranking in the top 4, you might be in BIG, BIG Trouble.

Just a few days ago, genius marketer Joey Bridges said to me, “Perry, this Right Side thing reminds of something you said to me back when I took your Bobsled Run years ago. I remember Perry Marshall, Mr. Google AdWords, saying to me…
‘If at the end of this program, you’re still dependent on only one traffic source, then I’ve failed at my job.’

I remember it so well because the guy who said it was the most famous advocate for one source of traffic…Google AdWords traffic.
But you were saying, ‘Do not put all your eggs in one basket…because that basket will be taken away…one way or another…and you’ll be up S*&%’s Creek without a paddle.’Good news! The right side of AdWords is GONE.”
Yup, and here we are. If most of your traffic was coming from the right side of Google, the creek has officially risen.
But, as I said above, that can be good news.
Whenever Google shakes things up, it’s a chance for shrewd, savvy marketers to swoop in and make a killing, while the Chicken Littles run around shouting, “The sky is falling the sky is falling!”

But you must pay very close attention.
The Real Lessons from the Wipeout
And Your Brief Window of Opportunity to Crush Your Competition
Lesson 1: The Info You Need to Succeed is Now INVISIBLE
Lesson 2: When the Rules Change You Must Master the New Rules Fast
Lesson 3: Time to Nut Up and Stop Being Foolishly Positive
Lesson 4: You Better Be Listening to the Right Coaches
Lesson 5: As Always, it’s 80/20

What You Get in Right Side Wipeout Survival Guide…
4 Sessions with me and Jamey & Joey Bridges
Webinar 1 – Right Side Wipeout Impact & Analysis
Monday, March 14, 3PM Eastern
Why Google’s performance data predicted this was going to happen and how to see it coming next time
What the future holds for increases in CPC – they had been rising at 5%-6% annually…now what will happen?
What this shift means for mobile advertising
Why you need to look super close at where have your conversions been coming from
Why most businesses don’t consistently evaluate elements that contribute to conversion…and why it will kill them
What this shift means for keyword analysis
Bidding strategies for the brave new world of “left side only”
How to harvest the low-hanging fruit in your account

Webinar 2 – Account Structure: The New Rules of Operation for the Brave New World
Monday, March 21, 3PM Eastern

What this means for your overall campaign structure
Why account structures have changed over the last 18 months and why the impact is bigger now
Branded Campaigns and Unbranded?
What’s the big win in the right side wipeout?
What we learned from Doubleclick that could save your bacon
More advanced bidding strategies for the new world

Webinar 3 – Account Features for Market Domination
Monday, March 28, 3PM Eastern

Why account features are key to incremental gains in the new world
How most are not capitalizing on necessary features…and leaving piles of cash on the table
Why implementing the right account features is now more essential with fewer positions
Extensions have traditionally only been available for top spots…now there are only top spots
How to maximizing your budget for optimal conversions
How to identify your most profitable conversions
Smart strategies for implementing extensions

Webinar 4 – Day-to-Day and Month-to-Month Management Strategies for the New World
Monday, April 4, 3PM Eastern

What to review daily, weekly and monthly
The smart way to review ad position for top performing ads
How to review conversions
Why you must review impression share for top keywords
The importance of sitelink performance
What to look for in SQR report
And much more

Perry Marshall – Google’s Right Side Wipeout Survival Guide
Price:  $1497
You Just Pay:  $147
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