Paul Mckenna- Mega Collection

Do you want to be more confident ?
Want to lose weight?
Want to improve your life?

Many of the products here Contain Everything I Would do with you if We Were doing A personal Session together. Paul McKenna has written and published books, multimedia, was the leading TV programs, conducted seminars on hypnosis, NLP, weight loss and motivation.

McKenna has Written and produced Books and multimedia products, hosted self-improvement television shows and presents seminars in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, weight loss and motivation.

Audio CD List:
Paul Mckenna – 4 CD Easy Weight Loss System
Paul McKenna – Positivity
Paul McKenna – Change Your Life In 7 Days
Paul Mckenna – Deep Relaxation
Paul McKenna – Eliminate Stress
Paul McKenna – Hypnotherapy – Supreme Self Confidence
Paul Mckenna – I Can Make you Rich
Paul Mckenna – I Can Make You Thin
Paul Mckenna – Instant Confidence
Paul McKenna – New Hypnotherapy Series – Accelerated Learning
Paul McKenna – Sleep like A Log
Paul Mckenna – Success For Life Complete
Paul McKenna & Michael Breen – Power To Influence
Paul McKenna – Motivation Power – Hypnosis
Paul McKenna – Quit Smoking Now
Paul McKenna – Stop Smoking for Good

Name Product: Paul Mckenna- Mega Collection
Market price: $300
Author: Paul Mckenna
Size: 1.52 GB

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