Paul James - Maps Mentor 2014

Make this mistake with Google+ Local and you’re finished…
Don’t Even Think About Trying To Take On Another Offline Client Before You Read This!
Dear Local Marketer,
I’ve perfected the exact formula for ranking businesses in Google’s local listings and scoring multiple 6-figure earnings working with a lot less clients than you’d think.
In fact, this method is so powerful that with just 8 clients per year, you could reach a 6-figure income.
…But, it doesn’t have to stop there – the sky is the limit.
pjPaul James here, and I’ve got a confession to make.
Last year I nearly LOST IT trying to rank my clients in Google+ Local.
You know, the 7-pack of listings that show up in your local area when searching for 7packsomething like “Chiropractor.”

Come to find out, I wasn’t the only having trouble.
In fact, I found thousands of threads submitted to Google’s help forum of other people experiencing the same troubles as me.
And if you look through those same threads and even on Google’s OWN YouTube channel, you’d find that THEY even admit it.
Thousands of listings were getting messed up, due to an “error” on their part.
Reviews deleted, listings vanished and companies got “mish-mashed.”
But I like a challenge and I wasn’t going to give up that easy.

That’s when I decided I was going to dedicate the next year to a special project I called “Operation Maps.”
Why “Operation Maps?”
Because I knew that this whole fiasco began when Google decided to rename their local listings and FORCE us all into their social network.
Looking back on it all, I can’t really blame them…
Now with all the new social features of Google+ Local and my ranking strategy, my clients are pulling in THOUSANDS.
After a year of formulating and trying more ways than I can remember to get a listing to jet to the top, I finally NAILED it!
And then, I did it AGAIN and AGAIN.
So what I’ve done now is I’ve compiled this formula into 24 JAM-PACKED modules so that I could train my team.

But after countless emails from my customers BEGGING for the strategy I’m using, I decided it would be okay to let a small group of people in.
I’ve compiled it all in a members area called “Maps Mentor.”

Here’s just a short sample of what’s inside:

– Researching Listings
This module covers finding if your client already has an existing listing and what you need to do to claim it. Sometimes problems arise with this and you’ll learn here exactly how to fix them. It also goes into great detail about G+ categories. Did you know Google doesn’t give you much control over this anymore? Miss this step and you’ll never satisfy Google, which means you stay stuck in oblivion forever.

– Using Proxies
Proxies are an important part of our strategy. Why? Because we don’t want all of our stuff linked together. It’s also important for location targeting, you’ll learn all about it in this lesson.

– Creating The Listing
This module focuses heavily on creating the listing the right way. You’d be surprised, but there’s actually more than one way to create a listing. Do it the wrong way and you’re doomed for failure.

– Setting Up Website
This module takes you step-by-step through setting up the website. Whether you need to modify your clients existing site or build a new one, I’ve got you covered here. The website is a very important factor and structuring it for Google+ Local is VERY different than the way you’d structure most sites.
And so much more…

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