Custom Theme Creation for WordPress using HTML5 and CSS3

Name Product: Paul Cheney – Custom Theme Creation for WordPress using HTML5 and CSS3
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Create a WordPress theme completely from scratch using very little PHP and your own hand-rolled HTML template.
WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet today, however, it can also be used as a powerful Content Management System. In this course we will use it as a CMS to build a client website.
In this course you will learn to convert an HTML page into a WordPress theme. Actually it’s a lot simpler than you may think. I will provide you with a link to a free HTML5 template page and together we will walk through the steps to convert it into a theme.
First we will spend a couple of minutes reviewing the essential features of a mobile first, responsive, HTML web template page that uses a CSS Preprocessor. hopefully this is a review of what you already know but you may also learn something new.
Next you will learn to build a WordPress theme from scratch. In each video we cover the essential code necessary for the 5 basic php files we will create. I call this the ugly theme as it is fully functional but lacking any design.
Then together you and I will walk through the steps of creating a beautiful WordPress theme by combining the ugly theme we just built and the HTML template I provided you.
But wait, were not finished yet. Now that you have created your own theme, you will get to create several pages in WordPress using cutting edge CSS tricks. During this process, you will learn to wrap text around a circle, align elements at the bottom using flexbox, and implement newspaper style column with lines between them.
When your done, you will have a lightning fast WordPress theme devoid of any extraneous code or unused CSS rules. Actually it’s pretty cool and very easy.

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