Patrick Dermak - iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live
Patrick Dermak – iStack Training Facebook Mastery Live  
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Own Your Life By Mastering Performance Marketing
Who is iStack Training?
There are a million ways to make money from the internet.
iStack Training’s cutting-edge knowledge of these tactics is furnished by our performance marketing community, made up of 1000s of successful marketers, teachers and thought leaders.
iStack Training provides the most direct, current, and effective methods of building campaigns, businesses, and empires online.
Whether you want to learn how to profit from native ads, mobile display, Facebook CPA, ecommerce, copywriting, or agency building, we can help you help you get there.

Facebook Mastery Live (FBML) is a world-class, advanced level Facebook training opportunity from the teams behind AWC, STM, 6 Week AMC. and Adbaker
FBML teaches high-level, white-hat Facebook performance marketing know-how & strategies that give students an immediate competitive edge
This day-long event and recordings focus on specific strategies for advertisers, taught by Facebook marketers who are spending millions on Facebook Ads and building sustainable, high-growth businesses.
This is not a day for newbies. Everything taught here is meant to be directly applicable to advertisers who are already spending significant budgets on Facebook
FBML speakers are Facebook marketing masters from several different white-hat areas including agency, CPA, ecommerce, gaming, online education and more.
Each speaker brings their unique perspective, cutting edge strategies, exploits, case studies and most importantly, results that will both inspire and educate you about the best ways to make millions from the greatest advertising tool ever created.

We’ve gathered the world’s biggest Facebook ad spenders together for the top one-day training event of 2017.
James Van Elswyk – Purpleleads
How a Coffee Break With a Facebook Campaign Manager Increased Profit By 143 Percent in 1 Day

Mikael Yang – Manychat
Email is Dead. 1-Hour Build Your First Messenger Bot Workshop

Steven Kuhn – Laybag and Trustbag
How Using Intuition and Not a Professional Marketing Agency Made us 1M€ in 1 Week

Paul Jeyapal – Synapse Media Group
7 Techniques Super Affiliates Are Silently Using to Crush Facebook Ads

Maria Claudio – Head of Performance at Facebook
Assessing the Algorithm Panel

Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation for Facebook Success
Campaign Structure & Naming
Campaign Goals
Facebook Algorithm
Facebook Pixel
Facebook Policy & Reps
Business Manager Setup
[Bonus] Case Study: FB Queen – How To Find Converting CPA Offers

2 Chapter 2: Campaign Launch
Competitive Research
Ad Account Warmup & Dashboard
Audiences, Audience Research & Audience Building
Budget & Schedule
Rockstar Creative Part 1 – General Rules
Rockstar Creative Part 3 – Ad Text
Launch Like a RockStar

3 Chapter 3: How to Scale Winning Facebook Campaigns
Scaling Methods
Scaling Risk Management

4 Chapter 4: How and When to Optimize Facebook Campaigns
Key Performance Metrics
Reportings & Optimization

5 Chapter 5: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies
Page Post Engagement Strategies
High Level Hacks
Lead Generation: Lead Magnets

6 Chapter 6: Acceleration Modules
Solar Lead Gen 101 – James Van Elswyk
Ecommerce: Rapid Prototype – Mo Ali Aguel
Facebook Automation Roadmap – Hugh Hancock
Next Level Ad Spying: The Invisible Advantage – Paul Jeyapal
Ad Copy Diagnosis with Dr. Direct – Drew Eric Whitman

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