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The Facebook Marketing Formula Home Course
The Comprehensive Step-By-Step Facebook Fan Page Marketing System
I’ve decided to share everything I know about Facebook Marketing in this straight to the point, comprehensive course.
You will learn the right strategy and approach to Facebook Fan Page.
There are 5 modules to cover everything you need to know about Facebook Marketing step-by-step, right from A – Z.
In each of the modules, they’re broken down into 2 sessions:

Session 1 (Case Study): I’ll walk you through how I started the Fan page business, as a case study, so that you can relate to it and see this WORKS.
Session 2 (Training): Then I’ll host another session to give you ideas and steps on how you can copy my system.
The entire training was created by me personally.
Let me repeat – this course is based on a real case study, based on one of my own secret Fan Pages that has been proven to work profitably!
Training Module #1:
Choosing Your Fan Page Topic
In the first case study module, I’ll reveal to you my secret live Fan Page that gets hundreds of Likes and Shares on each and every wall post.
Now, this alone is very valuable because there are not many gurus who will show you behind the scenes (probably because they don’t have any). What’s more valuable is this Fan Page is currently making money online for me, even while you’re reading this.
I’ll also be revealing to you on how I chose my Fan Page’s topic.
In the training session, you will learn the 5 SIMPLE WAYS to choose your Fan Page’s topic. By going through this, you will know if your topic is suitable to create long term income from your Fan Page, right before you get started.
Training Module #2:
The Wall Post Strategy
In this second case study module, I’ll share with you how I come up with the content for my Fan Page, including the “type of content”.
When you go through the training, you will be very surprised at how simple it is to come up with the content. It is the power of simplicity that I’ve applied to create the content for my Fan Page and you too will be able to copy this strategy.
In the training session, I’ll share with you my content creation checklist that you can follow easily. With this, you will never have the problem of coming up with content for your Fan Page ever again!
You will also learn the sneaky tricks on how I get to reach more fans without having to pay for my wall post’s reach. Zero advertising. This is one of the most valuable tips you hear get that will save you thousands of dollars on Facebook ads!
Training Module #3:
From 0 To 30,000 Raving Fans
In this module, I’m going to walk you through step-by-step system of how I build my fans from 0 to 30k fans for my secret Fan Page.
This is based on proven steps that I did, not some fluffy theories – only the real truth itself.
This module is very comprehensive, let’s look at what you’re going to learn inside:
You will learn how I go from 0 fans to more than 30,000 fans immensely fast, and how you can do the same too
You will learn how to get “seed” fans so that you can grow your fans easier in the future (The biggest mistake Fan Page owners do is buying fake fans from Fiverr)
You will see exactly how I run my Facebook ads (the ad image, the description, everything!) to promote my secret Fan Page to build fans. It uses a specific fans-building strategy. super ninja stuff is contained inside
You will learn the tricks of how I get even more fans effortlessly whenever I make a post on my Fan Page!
You will learn how to get Likes cheaply for your Fan Page so that you’ll build more fans within your promotion budget
You’ll discover an “advanced” Facebook ads tips to grow your Fan Page to the next level.

Training Module #4:
Increasing The Engagement With Your Fans
In this module, I’ll walk you through how to increase the engagement with your fans.
Engagement is crucial – if you do not have engagement, it means that your wall post will not be widely reaching your fans. Yes, you can do “Boost Post” where you’ll need to pay for the “engagement”, but do you know that the reach is proportionate?
For instance, if you have 5,000 fans and 3,000 of them are from Kazakhstan, then you’re just going to reach Kazakhstan fans!
Let me just put it this way.
Have fans but no engagement = no money.
Again, a responsive and viral Fan Page is the key to making real money online on Facebook.
I’ll give you a checklist to increase the engagement so that you too can have a responsive Fan Page that will make money online for you.
Training Module #5:
How To Monetize Your Responsive Fan Page
After creating a responsive Fan Page, it is time to make some money online.
In this final module of case study, I’ll walk you through how I monetize my Fan Page. There are many ways to make money with your Fan Page, but I’ll share with you the 3 main ways of how you can get started.
I’ll share with you the methods of monetization with and without your own product.
I’ll also share with you the 4 very important tips about monetization – follow these important tips so that you can profit from your Fan Page in the long term.
“Finally, You Can Now Have Your Own Profitable Fan Page.”
By accessing to these training videos today, it’s like I’m stood beside you, walking you through the steps that you need to know about making money online with Facebook Marketing.
There are several videos in each module, but I’ve prepared each video to be short, so you can get started and apply the techniques as fast as possible.

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