It’s time to awaken! Panache will guide you to open your eyes and look within. As you listen, you enter a state of awareness, a transcended place of stillness. It is in this place that profound shifts occur and lasting changes are made. Panache Desai in collaboration with gifted composer and keyboardist Richard Shulman offers you a new collection of guided meditations to support and inspire you through these challenging times. Recorded live, Panache’s beautiful voice and message combined with the medium of music create an uplifting, powerful journey to the Divine.
Hi everyone! I hope you are well and enjoying the autumn season. I do not usually solely promote just one person on a newsletter – but today I am doing JUST THAT! Panache Desai is a Wf1 Truthteller and I am proud to call him a friend as well. His teachings are pragmatic and applicable to all of our daily lives. He is heartfelt and authentic – two of my most favorite values in human beings. Please check out this offer – it will change your life.
Panache Desai is giving away his $297 audio program, “Accelerate Your Awakening.” He’s invited me to give away his course to the Wf1 Community. Get this program for
free HERE.
Panache is unique — unlike any spiritual teacher you’ve ever experienced. In fact, Oprah Winfrey was so captivated by his simple and elegant Soul Signature message, she invited him to appear as a featured guest on her “Super Soul Sunday” show.
Here’s a review from Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, featured teacher in “The Secret” and Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International:
“Panache teaches from the wisdom of his loving heart, inspiring all who are receptive to discover within themselves their innately enlightened consciousness.”
Panache is passionate about helping people like you awaken to their true nature, and his complete 7-part audio program helps you shatter the density that has kept you from a life of limitless possibility. Receive yours now while it’s still available!
With Great Respect and Love,

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