Outlook Money - August 2014
Outlook Money has completed 16 years of leadership in Personal Finance. It is reader-friendly while covering all aspects of individual financial planning; earning better, cash flow management, banking, nuances of insurance buying and claims (both life and general), investing in deposits, funds and stocks, portfolio management, real estate buying funds and stocks, portfolio management, real estate buying and interiors, philanthropy and utility spending. The magazine is looked up to for its depth of coverage, correctness of information, utility and editorial style that makes even hard to understand personal finance issues a breeze.
Issue Description
36 till you have enough Term insurance plans need not be held till the end of tenure if you have enough for dependants 44 not by right Equities may give you the best returns among asset classes, but you can’t take equity fund returns for granted 50 misleading lustre Gold provides security, not growth to your portfolio. You need just enough 54 when the mix works Like drinking and driving, one shouldn’t mix life cover and investments. But there are exceptions 60 cut the long wait Your house-warming party need not be in distant horizon. A stopover on the way can actually hasten your progress 66 riding on realty Realty may not be as rewarding as equity but can still take you past the finish line in the long run

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