Business Modelling Masterclass- Business Meets Funding
Olawunmi olatunji – Business Modelling Masterclass- Business Meets Funding
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Learn how you can build high growth businesses that will win the attention of investors and financiers
How have successful Entrepreneurs in the Made it?, the Took a simple idea, searched for an awesome business model and built and high growth business.
Are you an entrepreneur or have a unique business idea struggling to get your business off the ground, and finding the kind and amount of customers you desire.
In this masterclass, business strategist Olawunmi Olatunji will walk you through the process and teach you exactly how to how to create a unique model for your business, attract the right kind or customers and win investors’ confidence.

In this course you will learn how to.
Validate your business idea.
Outline your existing business model and value proposition.
Produce improvements and new models.
Reduce risk of failures through systematic testing.
Improve customer understanding.
Chart the environment and competition.
Create a model in any business environment.