Offline Marketing Blueprint

She stormed out of the room, and even as she tried to hold back her tears she shouted back at me, “I think you love your #@%# computer more than me! ”

Ouch…that went straight through my heart. But I understand how she would feel that way. My wife can be the most supportive person in the world, but she had finally reached the end of her rope.

If you’re working as an offline business consultant right now — it’s absolutely something you NEED to hear about. It might just save your butt like it did mine!

You see… about 2 years ago, my beautiful wife became so fed up with me that I thought she was going to walk out of my life forever… and all because of my Internet marketing business.

How could my business cause her to want to leave?

Well, for almost two years straight I spent lots more time on my computer and trying to manage my business than I did with her.

In fact, you might even say that I became married to my computer, spending every day plugging away for hours and hours and hours, barely even moving from my desk, except to eat and sleep.

It became a very sore spot for us…

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