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Before I tell you exactly how this home study course will radically change your life let me ask you a couple quick questions…

Why did you become an entrepreneur?
Were you drawn to the promise of making a lot of money?
To buy the nice home, cars, and to afford the finer things in life.

Or was it the time freedom?
The dream of working from a laptop just 4-hours a week.

Was it because you want to make a difference?
To get your message out there and truly change the world

If you’ve had any of these dreams that tells me that you ARE an entrepreneur.

The Problem?
Well, for many of us reality sinks in… We find that online courses are choc full ‘o’ empty promises and the lifestyle that we’ve been dreaming seems so far away.

What you should know about me before you join:
I’m here to empower you to believe and know that you truly can do anything that you put your mind to.
After 11 business failures and being $50,000 in debt invested my last $2,500 into a coaching program and it changed my entire life…forever.
I invested in a coaching program that taught me the short cut to success and it changed everything. I went from being an overwhelmed, struggling, frustrated broke entrepreneur to learning skills that allowed me to create profits in ANY business endeavor.
That’s when I learned how to create, market, and deliver webinars in 2010. With no email list and no money I started doing webinars.  I figured that all I needed to do was to help people who knew less than me. I had spent thousands of dollars learning Facebook marketing and I decided to take that knowledge, package it up, and teach people on live webinars.
In the beginning, I used what I now call my “grass roots” (free) method of getting people to watch my webinars.

Within 30 days, I make my first $5,000 and was able to pay my bills that month.
Within 60 days, I had broken 5-figures.
Within 90 days, my revenues climbed past the 6-figure mark.
Within 2 years I sold my company for over a half a million dollars and achieved the dream that I had set since I was a little kid.

Was it easy?
Heck no!
I rolled up my sleeves and got my butt in gear and work hard.  BUT, I worked hard at a “proven system” and that was the difference.
I’ve been using this one proven strategy over and over and over again… I simply teach amazing content for free on a live webinar and if the attendees want to work with me further…I let them.
This simple webinar model has allowed me to do what I love, help thousands of entrepreneurs, and make over 2 million dollars (over a couple years, this is not a hypey brag) This simple strategy has allowed me to start my own movement with my company Life on

Who is Valerie Shoopman?
Valerie is my right hand woman who is literally the BEST at managing Facebook ad campaigns.  In addition to my training sessions Valerie will give you step-by-step strategies to set up and optimize your Facebook ads.
We even have a private Facebook Mastermind that consists of weekly live calls so that she can look over your shoulder and optimize your Facebook ads.  We’ll share that opportunity with you after you join our Facebook Ads A to Z home study course.

I Don’t Like Bragging or Arrogance but I Want You to Know…
That I know my stuff.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 13 years here’s a couple cool little factoids:

To help YOU relentlessly pursue your dreams and prosper with purpose.
It’s my mission – to give you strategies that “actually” work
It’s my mission – to tell you the truth about that it takes to be successful
It’s my mission – to help you get your message to the masses
It’s my mission – to help you become the rockstar you were meant to be
It’s my mission – to help you live a Life on Fire

What does living a Life on Fire mean?
To absolutely LOVE what you do for work
To help people and make a difference
To make more money than you need so that you can give back
To enjoy the journey along the way
To build a brand and a legacy that will never be forgotten

What’s the fastest path to living a Life on Fire?
Webinars.  As you continue reading you find out exactly why this is true and why you absolutely need to be doing webinars.
What is a Facebook Marketing Funnel?

A Facebook marketing funnel is a strategy designed to attract high quality “ideal” leads into your free offer.  Your free offer could be a free report, video series, or webinar. The goal is to give first, add value, and then make the sale.

There are two critical elements of a profitable Facebook marketing funnel:

Your lead magnet offer (and landing page)
Your carefully crafted and targeted Facebook Ads

I’m going to walk you through 3 proven business models.

Create your own online products and sell them using Facebook ads so that you make the money you deserve
Run Facebook ads to “other people’s products” as an affiliate and start earning money online even if you don’t have a business yet
Virtual Summit Model – How to interview others to create content so that you can build your email list, authority, influence, and revenues

So how do your build a business using Facebook Advertising?

Step 1:  What’s your passion & purpose?   You think about all the knowledge that you’ve accumulated over the years and decide what you would LOVE to teach to help others.
The more that you teach for free on live webinars  the more people that you attract The more people that you attract  the more people that want to buy your products & services the more money you make  the more you can give back
If you’re already in business…even better!    You simply look at your ideal customer and make a webinar that is the solution to their biggest problem.

So who is this Facebook Ads A to Z for?
Experts, authors, coaches, service professionals, online marketers, info-preneurs, podcasters, marketing directors, CEO, and many more…
If you have a desire to get more leads and increase your sales then this is for you

Who is the Facebook Ads A to Z NOT for?
People who don’t take action
Those who are not willing to put in the work to achieve success
Excuse makers & complainers
People who are just out to make a buck and don’t care about their customers

(retail: $997)
Product Launch on Fire:
Learn how to package your knowledge into products that you can market online. Imagine taking what you’ve learned over the years and turning it into thousands of dollars into revenue online? Creating your own information products is high margin and highly lucrative. It’s easier than you think…when you have the right formula.
I even walk you through EXACTLY how you can “launch” your online courses to create a massive spike in revenue in just a couple weeks. I invested over $100,000 to learn this strategy and I break it down step-by-step. I share with you exactly how I did a product launch that made $880,000 in literally 3 weeks. This course will change how you think about business and help you live your life on fire!
I include copy templates, resources, and the exact blueprint.

(retail: $997)
Webinar Conversion Formula:
Stop trading time for money and learn how to create leverage by using the most powerful form of marketing…webinars! Some people think of them as online workshops or web classes.
My Webinar Conversion Formula home study course gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build your presentation so that it builds trust with your audience, adds value, and most importantly…converts your prospects into high paying customers.
Once you learn this skill you’ll ALWAYS know exactly how to make money online…and the best part it’s scalable!
You’ll also get our Powerpoint template, email copy, and all the resources you need to be successful…fast.
When you combine what you’re learning with Facebook Ads A to Z with the Webinar Conversion Formula it’s the perfect combination to create massive success in your business.

(retail: $997)
Six-Figure Virtual Summits:
Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already a seasoned entrepreneur my Six-Figure Virtual Summits home study course will help you take your business to a whole new level.
In this simple model you’ll learn how to monetize your passion. Simply follow our steps and you’ll learn exactly how to interview top thought leaders in your market and position the content as a product or free offer.
The main benefit of doing a virtual seminar is that you’re able to leverage “other people’s” knowledge to catapult your brand & authority.
Ooh and did you know that by leveraging the power of virtual summits that you’ll be able to build a HUGE email list? The larger your email list the larger your income will be.
I even give you email copy, speaker agreements, and all the resources you need to get started right away.
When you combine what you’re learning with Facebook Advertising A to Z with the virtual summit business model you’ll be able to get leads for less, make more money, and position yourself as a top expert.
I’ve leveraged this strategy to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online…and by joining now…you will too!

(retail: $997)
6-Figure Facebook Marketer
I often get asked… “Nick how can I learn to do what you do?” In this home study course, you’ll learn how you too can become a Facebook Marketing Expert and build a profitable consulting company.
I share EXACTLY how to attract clients, how to deliver them results, and how to scale. This will shortcut many years of trials and tribulations off of your career.

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