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Learn to have a music career by doing what music business pros do to fund bands, solo artists, and other music projects
Learn how to build a profitable business with your music! Learn the various options used by industry pros to fund music projects. Don’t put off a career in the music industry any longer! Enroll Now! Course Creation – April 29, 2016
Develop the Knowledge Needed to Build Your Music Business and Make Money in the Music Industry.
Learn how to fund your band, your act, or any music project
Learn how to build an audience
Learn how to get sponsorship for your band or venue
Learn how Kick-Starter can boost your earnings
Content and Overview
This music business course is unique, because in it, most importantly, you’ll learn the basic methods that industry pros use to create profitable music acts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll learn new ideas on how to work in the music business and make a living.
First, we’ll explore the aspect of sponsorship. You’ll learn why it’s so important and how it works. You’ll also learn new concepts that will help you keep your band or project constantly running and consistently making profits.
Then, you’ll learn about one of the most crucial components of the music industry – copyright law. You’ll gain a better understanding of current copyright law and also the history of copyrights.
After that, we’ll discuss the album release cycle and new formulas relating to its evolution. You’ll learn how critical it is to connect with your audience through available social channels.
By the End of the Course You Will Be Able To:
understand the various methods of funding musical projects
understand sponsorship and how it can help any musical act
understand how using Kick-Starter can help your project
use your knowledge of copyright law to attain your musical goals
understand new approaches to the album release cycle

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