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What if you didn’t have to “pay” for traffic?
Instead…what if traffic “paid” you?
And what if acquiring new customers was as simple as pulling a lever?
It sounds outlandish, but that’s exactly what “Traffic Masters” (a.k.a. Customer Acquisition Specialists) do. And once you have completed this mastery class, you too will know how to leverage traffic channels such as Google and Facebook to not only grow your customer base…
…but to grow your customer base at a PROFIT.

Did you catch that?
You’ll no longer have to practice “hope-and-pray” or “wait-and-see” marketing.
Traffic will come, because you’ll know how to make it come.
But how do you actually do it?
How do you take a message to the “unwashed masses” and convert strangers into friends without breaking the bank?
That’s exactly what you’re about to learn…

FACT: All Businesses Need A Repeatable System For Generating New Leads and Customers…
(…That Doesn’t Break the Bank)

Customers are the life-blood of any business.
It sounds cliché, but it’s true.
That’s why “one hit wonder” traffic campaigns just aren’t enough. Companies today must have scalable, duplicatable traffic campaigns that produce new, qualified customers from scratch if they want consistent growth, and more times than not these “scalable” campaigns come in the form of paid traffic.
So whether it’s:

Facebook Ads
Google AdWords
YouTube Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Twitter Ads
Content Discovery Platforms (such as Outbrain and Taboola), and even…
Dedicated Email Ads

…quality traffic is readily available for purchase.

You just know how to “buy it” the right way.
There’s just one problem: Most so-called “traffic experts” and media buyers don’t know what they’re doing, and they have the results (or lack of results) to prove it.
That’s where you come in.
As a Customer Acquisition Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such Google, Facebook and other demand gen platforms to grow their customer base without breaking the bank.

In this master class, you’ll learn:
How to create a Customer Avatar so that you can architect a paid strategy to attract leads that will actually convert to BUYERS.
The 3 step traffic SYSTEM that automates relationship building and turns cold prospects into brand evangelists…
Not sure where your market is “hanging out” online”? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to find them and give you a look into the 7 top traffic sources…
26 offer types that you can use to cold, warm, or hot traffic to ensure you’re acquiring customers on autopilot…
What to do when your campaign just ISN’T converting (this happens 80% of the time), follow the flow chart for your “diagnosis”…
How to analyze the metrics that actually MATTER so that you can “trim the fat” from your campaigns and SCALE…
How to leverage Facebook’s data to find where your market is hiding so you can quit wasting your ad money on people who aren’t interested…
How to know which traffic channels you should focus on for your company…and which ones you should probably “backburner”…
Exactly where (and how) to place your “conversion pixels” so you can track every click and know that it’s making you money…
The exact “copy and paste” sentence to use in your retargeting campaigns to get your hottest prospects to click your ad and return to your offers…
The exact bidding strategy to use that will maximize your leads while lowering your costs…
Why you need to speak to your hottest retargeting prospects differently than you talk to your cold lead prospects…(and how to do it without creeping them out).
Why you must change your ads based on the content your prospects saw. (Get this right and watch your conversions increase dramatically! Get this wrong and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.)
Exactly how to set up your campaigns so they update themselves dynamically and automatically, so you can set them up once and let them update and optimize themselves!
Most importantly, we show you how to SCALE your campaign once you have a winner so you build massive subscriber lists while avoiding the ad fatigue that can lead to increased click costs.

In short, Customer Acquisition Specialists (a.k.a. “Traffic Masters”) are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…they are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.
If you’re interested in becoming such a “Traffic Master,” then I have one question for you…

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”
(or…Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

Let’s face it: Marketing experts are a dime a dozen.
So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…

That’s the problem!
And at DigitalMarketer, it was our problem, too. You see, we don’t just teach marketing best practices, we actually DO MARKETING for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN.
We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists.
We’re business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling everything from cosmetics to camping equipment to industrial water filters and everything in-between.
…so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they’re talking about.
And that’s why we created the “Paid Traffic Mastery” course and certification.
We built this certification to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’re now making this certification and training available to the world.
In short, we’re making it available to YOU…

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The Paid Traffic Mastery course is 8 hours of video lessons plus 22 downloadable handouts, 6 module-specific quizzes and one final exam. (NOTE: A complete course description can be found at the bottom of this page.)

The course level is intermediate/advanced, and is the exact same training new employees at DigitalMarketer are required to complete prior obtaining a position in any of our portfolio companies.

Step 1: Take the Course

Upon successful completion of the course and exams, you will receive a personalized badge and certificate.

Our badges leverage Mozilla’s “Open Badges Project” so your accomplishment can be displayed in all the places that matter, including: your website, email signature, job placement sites, community portals, Wordpress blogs, Twitter status updates and your LinkedIn profile.

Plus, your digital certificate is full color, printable and is suitable for framing should you wish to display your achievement at your home or office.

At the end of each core module you will take a brief quiz to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that module. Once you have completed each quiz for each module, you will then be able to sit for the final exam (which is taken online) and upon successful completion you will have earned your certification.

Our exams aren’t “tricky,” but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass. A passing grade is 70, and you can retake the test twice (for a max total of 3 attempts). If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again.

The exams are untimed, and consist of 60 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam. Ideally the exam should be taken in one sitting, however, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

Step 2: Pass the Test


Become a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist Today!

Pro Book

What You’ll Get:

Course Details:

Tuition: Limited Time Special Just $495
(Normally $995

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Setting: Online/Virtual

Course Length: 8 Hours

Expected Completion Time: 3 – 7 Days

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Paid Traffic Mastery Course
  • 6 Core Modules
  • 35 Video Lessons
  • 22 Handouts
  • 6 Quizzes (one for each module)

Plus, upon successful completing of the course and all exams you will also receive:

  • A badge designating you as a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

Molly Pittman –  How to become A Paid Traffic Mastery Contains: MP4 + FLV + PDF Guides
Name Product: Molly Pittman –  How to become A Paid Traffic Mastery
Market price: $995
Author: Molly Pittman
SalesPage (more info)