Mind Persuasion Intelligence Accelerator
A long time ago, you were a natural learner. If you wanted to know how to do something, you figured out a way. Nothing stopped you. Your quickness in soaking up new information and behavior was only surpassed by your outward joy and excitement. But then something happened. It all changed. Instead of bolding going forward where you’d never gone before, you held back. You hesitated. Now you may feel as if learning is difficult, or frustrating, or tedious and time consuming. Maybe somebody tells you their name, and two seconds later you can’t recall it to save your life. Maybe you’ve got to learn a lot of complicated material, maybe for school or for work, and whenever you think about that you get that raw ball of anxiety in the pit of your stomach.

What happened?
What happened to your inner genius?
It’s still there. You’ve just to reawaken it.
Once upon a time, you learned quickly, easily and without even thinking about it.
But through the process of growing up, and going through formal “education,” your genius was hammered out of you by well meaning adults (or maybe not so well meaning, if you catch my drift.)
And now, like most people, learning new things is hard, frustrating, and filled with anxiety.
Not any more.
When you discover the truth of your inner genius, that STILL exits, and how to let loose your unlimited creativity and intelligence, learning WILL become fun again.
Your memory, your creativity, and your problem solving skills are set to SKYROCKET, once you learn how EASY it really is.
This course will teach you how.

Your Enhanced Memory
Remember Names and Never Forget Them
Become Fluent In a Language in Three Months or Less
Significantly Reduce Your Study Time
Pass ALL Your Classes With Ease
Learn Million Dollar Skills
Give Full Speeches Without Notes
Never Need A Shopping List Again
Remember Dates and Events
Much, Much More

Your Enhanced Creativity
Solve Complicated Problems with Ease
Come Up With Genius Ideas On The Spot
Significantly Boost Your IQ Beyond Mensa Levels
Learn To Interpret Your Dreams
Never Get Stuck Again
Explode Your “Outside The Box” Thinking
Think of Million Dollar Ideas on a Daily Basis
Be Recognized As a Genius In Your Social Circle
Significantly Improve Your Earning Potential
Outthink Even Your Toughest Critics

Importance of Intelligence
Let’s be honest, being able to learn new things, quickly and easily, is essential in today’s ever changing economic landscape.
Sure, fifty years or so ago, you could get a job, show up on time, and get paid.
Now, if you aren’t on the cutting edge of technology, which is ALWAYS changing, you ARE going to get left behind.
Only those that can consistently learn new things will stay employed. Of course, that’s if you WANT to stay employed.
Many people are realizing that they’ve got to strike out on their own if they hope to keep their heads above financial water.
But with your new Genius Level thinking ability, you won’t just stay afloat, you will literally THRIVE, creating your own income, opportunities and never look back.
Your brain is your most precious resource. Sadly, most people never realize that they can improve their thinking ability. That they can improve their memory. That with just a few daily exercises, you can literally boost IQ to genius levels that will make even the upper echelon of Mensa feel stupid.
What Does This Include?
Once you download your course, you’ll have your own personal library of intelligence boosting ideas, daily drills, hypnosis sessions, affirmation sessions, and specially tuned brainwave entrainment tracks that will let loose your inner genius.
Part One – Conscious Training
Your training manual includes the latest in cognitive research, and has all the ideas, concepts, drills, and techniques you’ll need to boost your memory, enhance your creativity, and send your IQ to the moon and beyond.
Even if you consistently apply only a couple of the life changing techniques in your manual, you’ll soon be in the top one percent of the top one percent of intelligence.
How much would that be worth? What could you do if your IQ was well north of 200?
But we’re just getting started!
Part Two – Unconscious Programming

Dual Induction Hypnosis
These two hypnosis sessions are carefully crafted with cutting edge entrainment technology, metaphorical story telling and dual induction, Milton Model hypnosis to unleash your brilliance on a deep level.
Follow along as the gentle metaphor takes you on a journey through your inner mind, where you will rediscover your hidden talents.
There are two included sessions. One to boost creativity and one to enhance your memory.
Each of these two sessions could easily be sold for ten times the price the entire course.

Affirmation Overwhelm
For even deeper programming, you’ll have access to a total of five sessions, of one hour each, of powerfully transformative affirmation overwhelm sessions designed to implant the ideas deep within your subconscious of your incredible genius ability.

All you need to do is slip on a pair of headphones, and let the sounds do the work.
Five sessions, one hour each. Each session includes a female voice, a male voice, in both first and second person. Those old limiting beliefs will have nowhere to hide, as these professionally trained voice actors will bathe your brain in positive ideas about you.

Brainwave Enhancement
You’ll also have three tracks of content free brainwave entrainment sessions designed to boost your genius levels even further. Slip on a pair of headphones, and let the sounds hold your brain in the perfect wavelength for studying, brainstorming, or memory enhancement.

Embedded Classical Music
Classical music by itself is perfect for studying, thinking or being creative, as it naturally has the right frequencies for genius level thinking. In your personal learning course, you’ll be able to take this one step further. Included in your course is over thirty minutes of popular classical music with advanced isochronic tones embedded within the music itself. This will give you even deeper levels of focus and heightened levels of creativity. No headphones are required for these sessions, so you can listen anytime during any activities and literally pull genius ideas right of the air!

Product Summary
Training Manual
Boost Memory
Easily Remember Names
Rapidly Learn Complex Information
Soak Up New Languages Like A Sponge
Drastically Cut Back on Studying Time
Easily Pass All Tests
Increase Problem Solving
Easily Solve Complicated Issues On The Spot
Become Linguistically Flexible
Impress Employers With Your Skills
Significantly and Permanently Boost IQ
Easily Read and Remember Entire Textbooks
Pass All Classes With Ease
Boost Income Potential
Be The Most Valuable Employee at Any Company
Gain The Confidence To Start Your Own Business
Two Dual Induction Metaphorical Discovery Hypnosis Sessions
Five Affirmation Overwhelm Sessions To Enhance Memory and Creativity
Brainwave Enhancement For Focused Concentration
Brainwave Enhancement For Out Of the Box Creative Thinking
Brainwave Enhancement For Post Study Memory Solidification
Over Thirty Minutes Of Classical Music Embedded With Brain Enhancing Entrainment

Bottom Line
Your brain, thinking and problem solving ability is your greatest asset. The more you improve your intelligence, memory and creativity, the easier your life will be, the better your relationships will become, and the more money you’ll make.
Download your course now and reawaken your inner genius.

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