ession 1.0: Google Analytics For Business
Insightful explanations of Analytics and how to use it to its full potential, including a ‘tour’ of the platform. Runtime: 86 mins.

Session 1.1: Segments (Ninja Moves)
Going more in-depth, learn about segments, aka “ninja moves”, to get the true value out of Analytics. Runtime: 64 mins.

So here’s the low-down on Google Analytics…
Web lingo is second nature for the average person nowadays with terms like “Google it”, “Skype me” or “I’ll PM you” a part of everyday conversation. You don’t even have to be a techie to rattle off the term “Google Analytics” in casual conversation with friends. You might not know what exactly it is, but you know it’s really important to your website somehow.

Whether you’re web-savvy or not, don’t stress because there are still a lot of skilled webmasters out there who don’t know how to use Google’s analytics tool either. It may be installed on your site, you may be getting reports and looking at the ocean of stats…but do you really know what those figures and charts are saying to you? Do you have any idea what the statistics are hinting at? What’s more, even if you did – would you know what to do next?
Thankfully, Google Analytics Guru Mike Rhodes hosted a seminar in partnership with Melbourne SEO Services, specifically demystifying Google’s mind-boggling website visitor data for both webmasters and marketing managers – so they can get the most out of the tool.
In his Google Analytics For Business Digital Workshop, Mike not only teaches you how to read and understand the jumbles of numbers and graphs, he shows you how to turn them into actionable steps so you can to take your website to the next level.

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