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Module #1
Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business Model
Mike himself, through “white board” training videos, will teach you the exact same system he’s used to generate 6-figures per month on autopilot via automated webinars.
In fact, he will case-study one of his most successful automated webinars so you can replicate his exact same formula!
Why webinars work and why they score higher conversion ratios than the typical sales page or sales video.
How to create “the hook”: what makes a compelling webinar topic and how to present it so your users are hooked to register to your webinar without hesitation.
JV partners: How to get other people (affiliates, JV patterns, etc) to send traffic to your automated webinar so it’s always fed with fresh subscribers…
You know: constant fresh traffic + automated webinars = evergreen income!
Exploit your metrics: Calculate the correct metrics on your automated webinar (registration ratios, dollar-per-registration ratio, dollar-per-affiliate-lead ratio, etc) so you can leverage your metrics to their maximum potential.
Scarcity: How to implement scarcity effectively in an automated, ever-running webinar.
Webinar replay: How to make as much money from the webinar replay as with the actual webinar broadcast: two sources of income from the very same webinar!
What to test: What are the specific variables you want to split-test in your webinar in order to maximize A) registrations and B) sales. What will make you money and what won’t.

Module #2
Anatomy Of The Perfect webinar
Ken Burge, the copy writer behind Mike’s webinars, shares in this advanced module the very webinar script they use in their own webinars. It’s time-proven formula you can use yourself to create webinars that engage, warm up and sell your audience any product you wish.
Creating a compelling sales webinar is a science, like a mathematical formula. Ken will share the specific components of that formula so you too can run webinars that convert attendees into buyers!
Foundations of a successful webinar: the 7 key points every sales-orientated webinar should have. Miss any of them, and your sales pitch might lose effectiveness!
The hypnotic power of a compelling story: why a compelling story is a powerful sales communication tool, and how to script (and infuse) your webinar with a sound story.
Advanced buying triggers: at some point through the webinar you’ll have to switch from “content sharing mode” into “product pitching mode”. Ken shows you the most effective ways to introduce your offer without losing your audience attention.
The perfect webinar template: This is it… the template to rule them all… learn the A-B-C formula that Mike and Ken use in their own webinars to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on autopilot.
A step-by-step tutorial so you can simply mimic the formula and adjust this successful template to create your own money-making webinar within an hour!

Module #3
The Sales Funnel Revolution
Hector, Mike’s partner for the Evergreen Business System project, will teach you everything you need to know about money-making automated Sales Funnels.
In fact, automated Sales Funnels are the quintessential evergreen online business because once you set them in place and get them running, they will continue generating an income for you for many months to come… without you having to even click a single button. They’re truly a set-and-forget business model, and Hector reveals all its secrets in this beefy module.
Why automated Sales Funnels are the future: why traditional Internet Marketing techniques are outdated and more and more people are shifting to automated Sales Funnels.
The structure of a Sales Funnel: hand-holding videos explaining how to set up and run your own automated Sales Funnel.
Endless traffic secrets: underground techniques so your funnel feeds itself with fresh traffic while you sleep!
Advanced mailing list segmentation: how to slice your mailing list smartly so you can target them with pin-point accuracy… email them the exact message they want to receive in order to increase your sales!
Evergreen Webinars as part of your funnel: how to leverage your automated Sales Funnel with an evergreen webinar. Learn the exact point through your funnel to embed your webinar in for maximum conversions.
Back-end monetization techniques: how to turn one-off customers into recurrent customers by setting up a “product ladder”… maximize your dollar-per-user ratio!
The residual list: what to do with those prospects who never placed an order? Learn how to make money from users even if they don’t buy your product.
Establishing the seed for upcoming products: get your customers ready and warmed up for future updates and products, so they buy again on launch day!
Automating the whole process: how to pre-configure the system so, once it’s in place and running, you will not have to ever touch your website again while you’ll continue to make money from it on autopilot for many months to come… the ultimate evergreen system!

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