Mike Dillard – How to Create a 7-Figure Sales Presentation
Mike Dillard – How to Create a 7-Figure Sales Presentation
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How To Create A 7-Figure Sales Presentation…

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So that leaves around $60,000 per month that can be put towards the hydroponics development which is what has funded it for the past year.
The bottom line is that it’s going to take an additional $160,000 in monthly net revenue for a total of $200,000, for the next six months, to cover the $1.2MM needed to launch.
So it’s time to do what entrepreneurs do best…
Solve their problems by solving other people’s problems…
I have around three more months before the prototypes come to Austin, which is enough time to produce a second training program that’s at the same level of detail as List-Grow, so that’s what I’m going to do…
Like List-Grow, this training series needs to solve a huge problem that most business owners have, and ideally, make a significant impact on their ability to generate cash flow as they implement it.
So What Has Been THE KEY To The Success Of My Businesses
Over The Past 10 Years?
Why have List-Grow and The Society been selling so well and producing such a large profit when most business owners can’t even break even on their advertising budget?
How can I build three companies at once… Self Made Man, Mike Dillard Media, and the hydro, from my laptop and without a staff?
What is the ONLY way to make more money and change your financial lot in life?
And what will ultimately determine if the hydro product does incredibly well, or fails?
The answer is the same for every question…
It’s the ability to effectively SELL… And do it automatically.
When I was first starting out in business over 10 years ago, I absolutely dreaded the thought of selling anything to anyone. I was super shy and very introverted, and the thought of talking to a prospect in person, or over the phone petrified me.
I thought they would judge me. I thought they would reject me, or that I was being a nuisance and they’d get mad at me or that I’d come across like a used car salesman…
And as a result of that fear, I didn’t make a dime for my first six years in business.
But if you want to make money… If you want to grow a business, there is no way around it…
You absolutely must learn how to consistently sell a lot of your products or services every single day, or you go out of business.
So what’s the solution?
Simple… It’s to take yourself out of the equation and use an automated sales presentation such as a video sales letter or webinar like the ones I use for the Society and List-Grow.
I like to think of my sales presentations as  sales robot, who sells all of my products and services for me automatically, and that’s how I’d like you to think about them as well.
They never complain, they give the perfect sales presentation every single time, and they work for free 24/7.
He runs on a 12-part program, and if you program him with all 12 parts, he will literally be able to tell your prospects all about your products, and sell them for you automatically, 24/7.
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So I’m going to teach you this entire 12 part process on a brand new webinar that I’ll be holding Wednesday night at 8:00.
It will be completely free, and INSANELY valuable…
Last year you said the the List-Grow webinar was the last webinar you were ever going to hold… And now you have another one! Get the pitchforks!
Yep, it was my hope and expectation that I’d have launched the hydro product by now, but the “Rule of 3X” strikes again…
What’s the “Rule of 3X”, you ask?
Whenever you are launching a new product or business, you can expect that it will take 3 times longer, and cost 3 times more than your best estimates.
Which has definitely been the case here.
So unfortunately I’m just going to have to sit down for an hour and teach you how to sell millions of dollars of your products and services without the need to speak to a single person in the process. And I’ll have to charge you a whopping $0.00 to get this information.

I’m sorry
So now that we have that cleared up…
The title of the webinar is…

“How To Create A 7-Figure Sales Presentation…”
This will be an extremely detailed training session.
I’m going to walk you through the entire 12 step-process, and show you exactly how to create your own little automated army of sales robots for your business.
I’m going to show you all of my webpages, my ads, and even log you into my shopping cart and traffic reports…
If you are shy or introverted and the thought of selling anything to anyone makes you sick to your stomach, I totally get it, because that’s how used to be until I found this strategy.
Once I did, everything changed, and if you’re the same way, this information will change your life forever, just as it did for mine.The difference between someone who makes $50,000 to $100,000 per year selling a product or service, (such as insurance or real estate) and someone who makes $1 MM+, is scale.
So I’m also going to teach you how to use some amazing, brand new technology that’s available today, to automate your presentation so that it can act as your own personal sales force that tells your story and sells your products for you, 24/7. I don’t own the company, it’s simply one of the tools I personally use in my own business.
There are three types of sales presentations you can use…
There’s the written sales letter. The video sales letter, and the webinar. If you’ve been online at all for the past decade, you’ve seen all of them, and today I’m going to show you how to create those same presentations for your business and show you which one you should use for your specific products.
Next, we’re going to talk about eyeballs. If no one sees your presentation, it’s worthless, so I’m going to show you how to put your presentation in front of thousands of people in your target audience every single day, without spending a dime out of your pocket.
And last, but not least, I’m going to show you how to create your sales presentation in a way that’s so honest, transparent, and valuable to your prospects and audience, that they will actually thank you for sharing it with them, and tell their friends and colleagues about it as well.
All of this will be covered in detail on the webinar, completely free.
At the end of the webinar, I’m going to give a limited number of you the opportunity to work with me for the next two months, as we create your own 7-figure sales presentation together.
Once complete, this will become a companion course to List-Grow.
If you see value in that, awesome. If you don’t, no worries. You’ll have walked away from the free training session with my 12 part formula, and everything in between.

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