Camtasia Cash Secrets
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Author: Michelle Schoen & Lan Naylor

As an online marketer, you’re always looking for ways to drive traffic, deliver value, create products, and build that all important credibility, trust, and rapport with your market…
It’s also now a well known fact that the kind of content your market wants, searches for, trusts, and consumes is: VIDEO!
And screencast videos made with Camtasia Studio from Techsmith are the “secret weapons” of top internet marketers everywhere. Why?

Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts With Camtasia
Camtasia videos are incredibly versatile and deadly effective at boosting the bottom line of any niche or market. Use them in your marketing efforts for everything from list building to product creation. ONE TOOL for dozens of uses!

Create Video Content Quickly that Gets Powerful Results
Creating good video content the traditional way with cameras and lighting can be complex, time consuming, expensive and intimidating. With Camtasia Studio, all that complexity is replaced with easy to use software and a big red RECORD button. Click it and you’re making videos!

Rapidly Increase Your Search Engine Rankings
YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world! Why? Because people search for video information and content! You need to get your marketing messages in front of “eyeballs” and to do that in today’s world…you MUST be creating videos or risk being invisible to the very people you need to reach to build your business.
But Wait . . . Where Do You Start?

You don’t have video skills, you say? Don’t worry. Teaching this stuff is what we do!
Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor     From: Michelle Schoen & Lon Naylor

Date: Sunday, March 6, 2016
RE: Little-Known Secrets to Effectively Market With Video
Hi, we’re Michelle Schoen and Lon Naylor of and we have massively boosted our business results AND those of hundreds of our Camtasia students over the last 2 1/2 years by perfecting our skills in video marketing. Michelle is known as the VA Demo Girl and has established herself as a top video marketing and video tutorial teacher. Lon specializes in video marketing using Camtasia screencast software and is regarded as one of the top experts in this field by some of the most famous names in Internet marketing today.

We can show you how to:
Create Credibility With Visual Conversations and more sales
Effectively Leverage Video Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Site
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by Maximizing Content Production In Order To Maximize your results
Turn “Dud” Content Into Visually Enticing Content leaving the viewer wanting more!

Here’s the Incredible List of Tactics You’ll Receive . . .
Red Arrow MODULE 1: Affiliate Marketing With Camtasia
Affiliate Marketing   
Why Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way to start seeing internet profits
How to “Tell & Pre-Sell” and “Show & Sell”
What is a “Pattern Interrupt” and why it can be deadly effective.
Leveraging the Power of Partnerships
How to grab your viewers attention IMMEDIATELY and keep them hanging on your every word.

Red Arrow MODULE 2: Camtasia Videos for Traffic Generation
Traffic Generation     
Why video works for driving traffic and how to benefit from it
How to easily record & produce HD videos for YouTube
Optimize your videos for search engine rankings
Top secrets to making your videos “findable”.

Red Arrow MODULE 3: Repurposing Your Content
Repurposing Content     
Turn articles, autoresponder messages, and blog posts into videos!
Top tips to Import and Record your existing text content
Leverage your work for maximum marketing juice!
provide customers with a variety of formats for accessing your information

Red Arrow MODULE 4: PLR Content to Video
PLR Content     
Leverage private label rights (PLR) content to create videos
Top tips to turn “junk into jewels”
Turn boring text content into awesome visual presentations
Take content cluttering your hard drive to boosting your bank account!