Michael Neill - You Were Born Happy

Over twenty four years ago, I articulated a simple three-part “mission statement” for what I wanted to do with my life:
To uncover the secrets of happiness, success, and well-being
To live the secrets in my own life
To share the best of what I learn with others

I’ve stayed pretty true to that mission ever since that time, but there have been a few moments along the way that have changed the course of its unfolding in dramatic fashion. The first was back in 1998, and I’ll share that story in a moment; the second was in 2007, and while I share that story in depth in The Inside-Out Revolution, I’m also hoping to share another version of it with you in a fun and different way. The third seems to be happening in real-time right now.

In 1998, I was teaching NLP in the UK and coaching clients from all over the world. By the end of the year, I was ready for a break so I booked myself onto a five-day retreat in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. While I was there, I had an experience that changed my life. I dropped into a deeper place inside myself that I had forgotten existed – a place of unconditional happiness and well-being that was my home as a young child but had long been buried underneath a mountain of depression, or as I would have called it then, “responsible grown-up thinking”.

To my surprise, the feeling stayed with me after I flew back to the UK, and for a period of around six weeks I was a different person. I made decisions easily, without having to think about them, including the decision to move to America; I got incredibly present with my wife and two young children; I spoke my mind without fear; I created and filled a training from scratch and without effort.

I had finally achieved part one of my mission, and my articulation of the “secret formula” I had uncovered was simply this:

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