How To Build A Funded Proposal
How To Build A Funded Proposal is a course by Matt Lloyd that teaches marketers how to use informational products to recruit people into their business.

Here’s how it works.
If you are involved in a network marketing company or a direct sales company, you can either promote your business opportunity directly (like most do) or you can do certain things that can make your job easier.
The 2 biggest problems that most people face when promoting a business opportunity (especially if its high ticket) is this:
1. Trust (directly recruiting someone into your business opportunity can be done but its not easy)
2. Cashflow (when you just promoting your business opportunity, you are dependent on just the company commission checks and that can be tough if you are advertising on the today’s competitive internet marketing space)
There is a simple solution to these 2 problems. In fact, this solution has been used by many network marketing and direct selling leaders to build their home business.
The solution is….A Funded Proposal.

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