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Instructor:  Matt Bailey
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Email marketing has the power to nurture relationships with prospects and loyal customers at all stages of the buying cycle. In this course, Matt Bailey walks through proven strategies for creating an email program. From building lists, to crafting emails, to avoiding spam filters, and all the way to generating conversions and sales, learn to build an email marketing program that moves prospects toward a purchase and keeps loyal customers coming back.
Section 1: Introduction to Email Marketing :: Matt Bailey
Section 2: Email as Conversation :: Matt Bailey
Section 3: Creating the Email :: Matt Bailey
Section 4: Landing Pages :: Matt Bailey
Section 5: The Mailing List :: Matt Bailey
Section 6: Spam and Blacklists :: Matt Bailey
Section 7: Working with Email Service Providers (ESPs) :: Matt Bailey
Section 8: Metrics & Measurement :: Matt Bailey
Upon completion of the Email Marketing course, you will be able to accomplish the following:
– Explain the value of email marketing
– Identify tactics to avoid in email campaigns
– Develop effective email marketing conversations
– Use emails as a means to initiate conversations with your potential customers
– Segment your emails to optimize delivery opportunities
– Craft highly effective subject lines
– Identify and create effective best-practice landing pages
– Use a variety of methods to create and build your email list
– Understand opt-in and opt-out rules and regulations
– Understand SPAM laws
– Set expectations when working with email service providers
– Develop good KPIs and email marketing measurement goals
. and more

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