Matt Bacak – 17 Email Income Hacks

“These ‘hacks’ are so effective, you’ll wonder how you ever mailed without them!” There Are Two Types of Email Marketers…
#1. Followers – those who “think” they know what they’re doing, because they’re blindly doing what they’ve witnessed others doing, assuming it’s the right path.
#2. Leaders – those who think outside the box; who test and track and know the real truth.

The difference is…
Leaders know how to make life-changing income with email marketing and followers are always struggling to get there.
The problem is…
Like magicians, those who know the truth, who have some ‘tricks’ up their sleaves, rarely share these secrets with others because they’ve put in the time, the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to discover what’s really working and what’s not – until now!
Isn’t it Time You Know The Truth?
Isn’t it time to stop doing “assumption” marketing; assuming you’re on the right track and asumming you’re getting “leader worthy” information about email marketing?
My system has taken years to hone and perfect.
Some people may never know what I know.
But one thing’s guaranteed…

You won’t have to leave it to chance or wait to gain years of experience to discover these tactics, because you can get the inside scoop and start applying these tactics ASAP when you grab my brand new video called:
17 Email Income “Hacks”
How To Unlock The Hidden Income In Your Email Marketing Campaigns!
I’ve personally used these “hacks” (methods, tactics, and tools) to generate millions from email marketing and now you can model after me and apply them to your business.
Here’s what you’ll receive:
MP4 Video – In this 90 minute video presentation, I walk you through each of my formulated “hacks” describing how and why they work.
MP3 Audio – Don’t want to be tied to your computer to digest this valuable info?  Listen on the go, on your iPod, or wherever is convenient for you!
Transcript – You’ll receive a complete word-for-word transcript of the entire presentation allowing you to revisit any of the tips, advice, or insight provided (any time you want).
Resources – download this document as a convenient quick-reference to each of the resources mentioned in the presentation.

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