Maria Veloso- Web Copy That Sells Price
“Web Copy That Sells” presents copy strategies that have been proven time and again in the e-commerce arena. Maria Veloso, perhaps the most widely acclaimed Web copywriter in the world, bases her revolutionary “Million Dollar Blueprint” on five simple questions – the reader answers them and the copy practically writes itself. Veloso crams all the information from her 12-hour, $997 live seminars into an accessible book that helps any Web copywriter.

Name Product: [b]Maria Veloso- Web Copy That Sells Price[/b]
Market price: [b]$997[/b]
Author: [b]Maria Veloso[/b]
Size: [b] 628 MB[/b]
[b]Website[/b]: [url][/url]

[URL=]Maria_Veloso_____Writing_Web_Copy_That_Sells_Businessguidedl.com_.part1.rar – 501.0 MB[/URL]
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