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ImportDojo Masterclass

The Amazon Case Study

Private labeling a product in China and shipping it to Amazon.

Do you still worry about your importing business sometimes? Wouldn’t it be nice to have it run like you have been running it for a long long time already?

Of course it would. Business feels great once routine settles in. This is exactly the point I want to get you to and with this case study you can see a complete product launch that starts from finding the right product, the right supplier and shipping it to Amazon, promoting and selling it.

Every little step is documented with a video (over 50 video tutorials) that shows my screen and you can even listen to me talking to suppliers.

Best thing about this, I’m using my own money and will try a lot of different things so you can see what works and what doesn’t and learn all this without running your own trial and error experiments. Follow along as I sell out after 7 weeks and make over 10,000$ profit in the process. See how I ended up as No.1 Bestseller in this super competitive category on Amazon after 6 months. bu1

If you don’t sell yet, simply sit back and watch the whole process and you can leave all your worries and anxiety behind.

Feel confident to launch your own business and become financially independent or simply make your existing import business more efficient. This is it! Can’t be easier!

Amazon Case Study

OVER 50 video tutorials and step by step guides just like this one (Chapter 39 – Finalising the shipment – part 1).

Chapter 1) Introduction to this course

What’s it all about and how to navigate.

Chapter 2) How did I find this product?

Where and how did I find this product and other ways to find the right product.

Chapter 3) What are the first steps?

Things you should do before you get started.

Chapter 4) To Do List and Junglescout

Quick intro to my To-Do List and choosing Junglescout as my research tool.

Chapter 5) Amazon research and friends feedback

Doing my rough research on Amazon and then ask friends what they think of my product

Chapter 6) Taking reviews into consideration

Checking out reviews and how to improve my future product

Chapter 7) Evaluate collected reviews and feedback

Summarise the reviews, evaluate them and note them somewhere for later

Chapter 8) Research Regulations and Certifications

Do your research and find out which regulations your product needs to comply with

Chapter 9) The shopping list

Your new favourite tool

Chapter 10) Preparing the inquiry to the supplier

Make your inquiry as clear and simple as possible in your first email.

Chapter 11) Alibaba and Globalsources Part 1

Initial sourcing and pre-verifying online as much as you can. Spot obvious signs that help make a decision.

Chapter 12) Alibaba and Globalsources

Initial sourcing and pre-verifying online as much as you can. Spot obvious signs that help make a decision.

Chapter 13) Sending out the inquiry to suppliers

Remember to include all details you want answered in your first email that influence your decision.

Chapter 14) Evaluating offers and check suppliers background

Checking information that the supplier sent and making sure that you get all information.

Chapter 15) Calculating duties and costs

Calculating my rough profits with Dutycalculator and the Customs Tariff Number.

Chapter 16) Research on the instruction manual & gift box

Find out how to create manuals, gift boxes and where to get photos.

Chapter 17) Ordering the sample

Pay attention when ordering your samples!

Chapter 18) Deciding for a supplier

Final check on all available suppliers.

Chapter 19) Collecting missing information

Few things that you can collect before placing the order.

Chapter 20) Essential background check on the supplier

see what makes me feel comfortable working with a supplier.

Chapter 21) Paying for your sample

what you need to pay attention to when paying for a sample.

Chapter 22) Creating your Amazon Seller Central account

First steps setting up your Amazon Seller Central account.

Chapter 23) Measurement update

Measurements you need for Seller Central.

Chapter 24) Contacting a forwarding company

What information you need to give to your freight forwarder/courier and who will be the importer of record and ultimate consignee.

Chapter 25) Calculating all profits and costs

Making sure I will make money on this product!

Chapter 26) Testing the sample

Receiving and testing the sample!

Chapter 27) Preparing the gift box

what info you need and how to prepare a gift box.

Chapter 28) Creating the listing on Seller Central

Essential steps for your listing on Seller Central.

Chapter 29) Creating labels and shipments on Seller Central

Steps you need to take when creating labels on Amazon.

Chapter 30) Working on your Amazon shipment

Get labels and shipment plans ready on Amazon.

Chapter 31) Preparing your gift box

Send all the info you need to your photographer.

Chapter 32) Placing the order

The essential steps when placing the order to the supplier!

Chapter 33) Finalising the order

Getting things final with the supplier.

Chapter 34) Finalising the gift box and insert card

Creating your insert card and finalising your gift box.

Chapter 35) Setting up your website

see how you can set up simple landing pages without spending too much money.

Chapter 36) Creating the final shipment on Amazon

Making sure all data is correct and update with last details from the supplier.

Chapter 37) Creating the final shipment on Amazon part 2

Making sure all data is correct and update with last details from the supplier.

Chapter 38) Arranging the shipment Part 1

Who needs to be contacted and what instructions you need to give .

Chapter 39) Arranging the shipment Part 2

Who needs to be contacted and what instructions you need to give .

Chapter 40) Deciding between Air or Sea shipment

Determine when it makes sense to ship by Air or Sea..

Chapter 41) Booking the inspection part 1

How to book an inspection and why it is important.

Chapter 42) Booking the inspection part 2

How to book an inspection and why it is important.

Chapter 43) Finalising your Amazon listing

Make sure your listing looks good and attractive .

Chapter 44) Adding the product to your site

How you can add the product on your own site or shop.

Chapter 45) Preparing the launch part 1

See what strategy and tools I use to launch my product.

Chapter 46) Preparing the launch part 2

See what strategy and tools I use to launch my product.

Chapter 47) Creating coupon codes

How to effectively create coupon codes.

Chapter 48) Inspection and releasing the shipment

Evaluate the inspection report and release the shipment.

Chapter 49) Final Shipment costs

What went wrong and how much it cost me.

Chapter 50) Recap and conclusion

Conclusion on 6 months in.

Chapter 51) Launch Part 1

Finally launching the product.

Chapter 52) Launch Part 2

Finally launching the product.

Chapter 53) 6 months in

Update on sales and important Amazon policy updates.


This is where the case study stands right now. I will keep updating the case study as things happen.

130 New Pages Full & 5 Hours Video Lessons of Essential Sourcing Knowledge

The first Import Bible showed you the basics of how to source in 64 pages full of straight forward, practical advice. The professional edition adds over 130 new pages to this and is constantly updated whenever things change.

In addition, 14 of the lessons come in video format and written content. Sit back and listen to the lessons. 

Most other courses only teach what you can find for free in my Import Bible but the truth is there is a lot more to running an import business than some of those self-proclaimed “experts” want to admit. In the ImportDojo Masterclass and the professional edition of the Import Bible that you get access to you learn how to run your business like the big guys do from day one.

Learn from Manuel’s Experience, Avoid Costly Mistakes

The problem most people have with sourcing is that it is a complex topic. There are many things to keep in mind, to consider, to figure out and master. The professional edition of the Import Bible takes the guesswork out of crucial decisions and acts as a reference for what to do whenever a question comes up.

How do you build lasting relationships with suppliers? How do you make sure you get the best prices without encouraging suppliers to cut corners on quality? When is it worth travelling overseas to trade shows or to visit factories?

These are some of the questions that you may already have, or will have in the future and we want to make sure you are prepared.

The ImportDojo Masterclass puts the knowledge of someone who has experience sourcing in Asia for over 10 years at your fingertips.


The Import Bible – Professional Edition

Chapter 1) Re-Orders and what to keep in mind

Time your re-orders right and make them hassle free.

Chapter 2) How to Deal with the Chinese New Year

Avoid delays and understand the impact of this holiday for your business and warehousing needs.

Chapter 3) Staying in Touch

Learn why it is so important to keep in touch with your supplier and how to build lasting relationships.

Chapter 4) Common Mistakes when Importing

The top 5 common pitfalls when importing from China.

Chapter 5) Price Increases and How to Deal with Them

Don’t let suppliers easily increase prices. Understand how to deal with this in a professional way.

Chapter 6) Advanced Negotiation Tactics

Insider tips & tricks to negotiate and get the price you want!

Chapter 7) Shipping & Courier services

When does it really make sense to ship by AIR, SEA or even SEA/AIR.

Chapter 8) QC -Quality Control

Make sure your QC process is top notch from day one.

Chapter 9) All you Need to Know about

Avoid being scammed and sort out time wasters from the get go. Two hour screencast covers how I work with

Chapter 10) Legal Requirements & Certifications

Know the absolute minimum requirements your products need to meet.

Chapter 11) Anti-Dumping Rates

Reasons why these rates exist and how to avoid them.

Chapter 12) Product Liability Insurance

Don’t test your luck, decide when to have insurance for your products.

Chapter 13) What Products Do NOT Make Sense to Import

Product categories you should absolutely avoid.

Chapter 14) Making Prototypes / Mock Up Samples

Its never been easier to make prototypes of your designs.

Chapter 15) Private Labels, Brands & Trading No-Name Items

How you can create your own Amazon private label with little upfront investment.

Chapter 16) Instruction Manuals

Your customers will thank you for proper instruction manuals in English.

Chapter 17) Keeping Track of Your Payments / Invoices & Expenses

Save every file you ever get, you might need it one day.

Chapter 18) Factory Standards (ISO, BSCI, SA8000…)

Which quality management standards you need to know and how they differ from each other.

Chapter 19) Subcontractors & Raw Material Suppliers

Not every factory makes everything themselves. As a matter of fact they all outsource these days.

Chapter 20) Using Proper (Internal) Supporting Documents

Save yourself from a nightmare. How to keep your supporting documents organized.

Chapter 21) Production Areas in China

Know the main production areas in China and why you shouldn’t buy electronics in Beijing.

Chapter 22) What to Expect from a Sourcing Company

Learn about the different pricing models and how to get the most out of working with sourcing companies.

Chapter 23) Finding a Product in China that You Saw on eBay/Amazon

Guaranteed ways to find the products you are looking for.

Chapter 24) More Drop-Shipment Sites other than Aliexpress

Yes, there are many more sites out there that are just as good.

Chapter 25) My Top Picks for Products in 2015

Hot products this year and where you can find them.

Chapter 26) The Brutal & Honest Truth about Developing Your Own Products in China

Understand the difference in private labelling (ODM) & developing your own designs from scratch (OEM).

Chapter 27) Better Websites to Source from Than Alibaba

Seriously, try them!

FBA Bible

The FBA Bible – The Complete Starter Guide to Selling on Amazon. 100% Hassle Free with Fulfillment by Amazon

To make serious money with your importing business you need to scale it.

Without companies like Amazon who take care of the distribution starting an import business would be a lot more work. This is the magic missing link that enables you to create your empire with the resources giants like Amazon provide.

Learn how to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to boost your profits, save time and sell hundreds of products every day without leaving your home or spending half of the day preparing shipments.

The ImportDojo Masterclass gives you a turnkey import business blueprint. From finding the right products, to sourcing them and then selling… we walk you through everything, step by step.

ImportDojo Masterclass

Chapter 1) What’s FBA and is it still profitable?

Time to get started. Seize the opportunity.

Chapter 2) The process in a nut shell

Sell your products like a pro.

Chapter 3) Create an account on Seller Central

Get started with FBA.

Chapter 4) Use subscription services

Little helper that make your life easier.

Chapter 5) Taxation

How to deal with this necessary evil.

Chapter 6) Find & source your product

Some more specifics about sourcing for FBA.

Chapter 7) Place the order to your factory

Start your empire.

Chapter 8) Shipment & Labeling

Make sure you get your products quickly and easily.

Chapter 9) Create the product on Seller Central

Setting up your listing.

Chapter 10) Promote & advertise the product (Pre-la

Generate some buzz and launch with a bang!

Chapter 11) Create a shipment on Seller Central

What you need to know that Amazon accepts your products.

Chapter 12) Receive goods and ship to Amazon

Final QC and what to watch out for.

Chapter 13) Launch and promote your product

Time to make money!

Chapter 14) Grow your assortment & maximize profits

Once your product is live it is time to optimize.

Chapter 15) Re-order in time

Don’t let the well dry out.

Chapter 16) Summary

What matters and why you can do it.

Alibaba Screencast

See Manuel’s Whole Sourcing Workflow in Action

Follow Manuel in this 2 hour screencast while he sources a top selling product from and get access to the tools he uses that help him to source quickly & efficiently.

  • Learn what steps you need to take before contacting suppliers.
  • Discover how to research regulations, materials and popular products.
  • Understand how to filter out the clutter on Alibaba and other websites and find the best suppliers quickly.
  • Find out what Alisource Pro, Alibaba’s new quotation request tool, is all about and why you should avoid it.
  • Get insight into how to evaluate what suppliers are worth contacting and how to avoid time wasters.
  • Learn to formulate emails and see the scripts he uses to get the results you are looking for quickly.
  • Listen in on phone calls with suppliers and learn how to assess if they are worth dealing with.
  • Learn the best ways to calculate shipping costs and all other customs and duties to get accurate landing prices for delivery to your warehouse/fulfillment center.
  • Take sourcing to the next level and discover how to save time with efficient data management.
  • Get access and learn how to use Manuel’s custom designed shopping list to exactly calculate your costs, profit margins and other metrics that help you to make the right decisions quickly. The shopping list makes the sourcing process more efficient and can be used for sourcing any product.

Alibaba Screencast



Manuel, not much to say besides… “awesome”. I am not an expert in importing from China but I know my way around. I spent over $5000 on courses and seminars but you cover all this, and then some. I wish I would have started with your website and saving all that other money to invest in products. Thank you!

JasonUnited States

I was about to give up on this whole business idea of importing from overseas and selling locally but then I found your site. I love that you provide actual step by step tutorials on how to do things instead of just building castles in the sky. You truly “demystify” sourcing and make it easy to understand for everyone. Thank you very much!


Logistics Screencast

Shipping & Logistics in a Nutshell

Cut down the time and know right away what you can expect when you plan shipping your products.

  • Discover quick and easy ways to calculate your shipping costs.
  • Evaluate what makes sense and how you can optimize the logistics chain for maximum profits.
  • Understand what matters when it comes to shipping and logistics providers.

Alibaba Screencast

Mastermind Group

Join an Online Community of Experts & Fellow Entrepreneurs

Ask Manuel, share your success and get feedback for difficult decisions. Our Mastermind Group is your backup and there for you when you need it on our private & secret Facebook group.

The private forum and community within Facebook is a great way to get support and connect with others and learn from their experiences.

Great questions and answers are added to a FAQ section for easy reference.

  • Let’s grow our businesses together: Connect with other Mastermind Group members and form strategic business relationships.
  • Montly Google hangouts where members discuss their ongoing projects and ideas
  • Replay of Google hangouts within the secret Facebook group available
  • Stay motivated: Doing business comes with highs and lows. Share what you are going through and get helpful advice from people in similar situations.
  • Share what you know: We are all experts of some kind. Learn from others and help others with what you have learned.
  • Discover new ways of doing things: Listening to others helps you to find ways to optimize your business and to gain new perspectives on how to do things.
  • Get feedback: Still unsure about something? Have a specific problem? Get feedback from Manuel and others in the group.
  • Interested in coming to China and join the sourcing fairs? Meet Manuel and other ImportDojo members.
  • We meet up at the shows, discuss trends and have experts giving advice.

Great logistic rates

Benefit from our group logistic rates:

Air Freight as low as 2.3$/KG

Air Express as low as 4.3$/KG

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Mastermind Group

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