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Yes, this is the seminar that caused all the fuss. When I set out to create a new “Intro” curriculum, I wanted to insure that the attendees would walk out as competent and confident hypnotists – I wanted to draw a sharp contrast between what generally passes as a certification event and the type of hypnosis that will actually WORK in the Real World. Although we swore we would NEVER release these tapes as a product, in order to celebrate our new store in style we’re releasing a very limited supply of these DVDs — when they’re gone, this product goes off the site once again! Order yours TODAY!

The course I have presented worldwide as The New Curriculum is designed to be a complete modernization of hypnosis training.
The New Curriculum is an explanation of modern theory and practice, incorporating both the latest research and incorporating tools and methods from a wide variety of sources. Included in the latter are techniques I have personally proven in over 15,000 hours of professional clinical practice! There are multiple emphasis within the coursework: emphasis on clients experiencing profound hypnotic effect, emphasis on hypnotist working without patter or props – “out-of-chair experiences” –, extensive use of hypnotic constructs and trance phenomena, and emphasis on teaching and motivating clients to Do for themselves. The processes taught to TNC students embeds exercises and tasks that self-train clients not only to address and solve their reporting problems, but also to be fully capable of solving any subsequent problems themselves!
Historical matters are called out only as reading assignments. Why waste precious training time droning on about things that you can look up outside of class? Instead, the seminar is taught in a challenging sequence of lecture, demonstration and frequent exercises. Each student must be both hypnotist and subject in each exercise – certificates will be awarded only to those who, in the opinion of the teaching team, have performed adequately in BOTH roles. As an added plus, the content of exercises is user-determined, allowing each student to work through their own challenges within the seminar – a dramatic example of hypnotic effect that is used as convincer for the hypnotist themselves. After all, how better to convince a professional of the efficacy of our techniques than to have the student experience the power of permanent, positive change themselves?
The output of our training is a competent, confident change artist, far more knowledgeable and competent than the average practitioner. Each newly-certified student is immediately qualified to enter into a professional/clinical internship.

The course covers these in a discussion of the following:
* System of Belief
* What is the practice of Hypnosis?
* Terms Defined
* Dispelling Misconceptions
* Dangers to the Client or Hypnotist
* Three Models of the Mind
* Trance “States” and their characteristics
* Utilization
* Abreactions
* Rules of the Mind
* A Working Model of Memory
* The Structure of Beliefs
* Eliminating Self-Sabotage
* Well-Formed Outcomes
* Uncovering Techniques
* A Malleable Concept of Time
Form that solid base we teach (and test!) a core set of basic techniques suitable for any and all hypnosis clients:

Basic Techniques
* Relaxation on Command
* Setting Positive Resource Anchors
* Microcosmic Orbit
* Utilizing “Energy” as a Transport Mechanism for Change
* Anchoring “Change” to Autonomic Nervous System
* Structuring Suggestions
* Giving Suggestions/Compounding
* Suggestibility Testing
* Elements of Inductions – Hypnotic Operators
* Inductions and Emergence
* Creating Inductions
* Deepeners
* Use of Hallucinations as Constructs
* Convincers
* Empowering Your Clients
* Self-Hypnosis
* Waking Hypnosis
* Trance Within Trance
* Regression
* Recalling Lost/Misapplied Resources
* Propulsion Systems
* Infinite Rehearsal
* Identify Your True Belief System
* Structure of an Effective Session
In line with our belief that it’s better to clear out the garbage BEFORE renovating the structure, we teach a powerful set of techniques that actually relieve most client’s problems even before the direct action begins.

Negativity-Clearing Blind Techniques
* Resource Organizer
* Memory Librarian
* Crystal Bottle
* Cottage of Memories
In my 18,000+ hours of clinical sessions, I have developed an incredibly powerful set of techniques that have been repeatedly proven to work with typical clinical clients the world over. The intelligent application of these techniques will result in your clients going from “hoping” for positive change to confidently expecting the changes they themselves desire.

Directed Outcome Techniques
* Making Rocks Grow
* Polarity Exercise
* Good Decision/Bad Decision
* Finding A Single Outcome
* Resource Fusion
* Conditioning With Pleasure
* Training Your Client to Recognize and Own Success
* Becoming a Master Hypnotist
We feel that it’s not enough to simply address a client’s reporting problem – we go on to teach client’s the attitudes and techniques required to experience and internalize the process of change itself, so that with luck they will never be forced to rely on professional help ever again. This body of technique specifically addresses the process of Generative Change:

Generative Change Techniques
* Three Instant Alternatives
* Alphabet of Desire
* “Hallucid” Dreaming
* Journaling
* Future Memory
And in the U.S. only, we also teach a simple, proven business model that will allow a competent practitioner to achieve a comfortable, six-figure income while staying well within accepted standards and practices. We’re interested in training hypnotists who are more than just members of the “helping professions” – we’re DONE with the model of the starving hypnotist! This section is for those who are interested in Doing Well while Doing Good!

Business Model
* The Only Business Model That Works
* Three Income Streams for Professionals
* Structuring Your Practice
* Professional Marketing Successful Advertising
* Management Metrics
* Internships and Mentoring

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