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Name Product: M. Mawy  – Digital Marketing Course Certificate
Author:   M. Mawy
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Master digital marketing & Advertising | facebook, instagram, youtube Marketing, Advertising & SEO
What are the requirements?
Internet and email user
Facebook and google account
google chrome and firefox browser
Smart phone or tablet
Have a PC or a laptop – working only on mobile doesnt work
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 56 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
Market and advertise businesses online with real actual results
Optimise website for search engines even if just started
Optimize facebook page for organic growth
Understand all concepts of Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Understand and create your own digital assets and leverage them
Utilize social media platform for business marketing and boosting conversions rate
Read and analyze various performance reports of your digital assets
Take business decisions and segregate them on workable tasks based on your reports on how to optimize the performance
Professionally apply those tasks to actually increasing your assets performance
Optimize your website SEO and boost your traffic and conversions
Create various content types that can actually go viral to grow your traffic, and enhance your business KPIs
Successfully syndicate your content to PR entities
Apply Video marketing and video SEO
Create and Monetize youtube videos
Video SEO: How to drastically enhance your video views performance
Create a successful content publishing plan
Facebook Marketing: Market your business on Facebook to generate leads and acquire more customers
Apply and segment your super audience using appropriate pixel deployment
Master Facebook advertising and become professional
Technically deploy all advertising mechanism to highly optimize your ads performance
creating your strategy and designing your sales funnel
Create a full consolidated advertising plan for your business or your client, that measurable and results oriented
Create your successful content publishing plan and road map across all platforms
Those who have online business or a business that they will heavily rely to promote online.
Those who have online business or a business that they will heavily rely to promote online.
What is the target audience?

People who want to actually succeed online

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