Denise Duffield-Thomas’ – Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp
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Do you ever find yourself…
Undercharging and over delivering to your clients?
Giving away your time for free but feeling resentful about it?
Frustrated that you should be earning more for the effort you put in?
Experiencing a painful income plateau but feeling stuck on HOW to get out of it?
Feeling broke no matter how much you earn, because it just keeps on slipping away?

Well – you know what? You’re not alone.
In fact – most female entrepreneurs are seriously under-earning compared to their true potential and it’s time to do something about it.
Denise-Duffield-Thomas-LuckyBitchMoneyBootcampYou can have an amazing product or service… but still not make enough money
You can have RAVING fans and the best testimonials ever, but still not make the money you deserve
You might LOOK “money” on the outside, but inside you feel like a fraud.
You might not even think you HAVE money blocks, but you have a nagging feeling that you should earn more (and that it should be EASIER)
It’s really got nothing to do with talent or ambition.
(So, seriously, don’t beat yourself up that you can’t figure this out on your own. It’s really not your fault)
It doesn’t mean you’re stupid.
In fact, it’s often the most talented and GIVING women who experience money blocks. It’s not just “beginners either”
It doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be successful

Money blocks happen at ALL levels of business, from zero income to multiple millions.
Women just like you.
Why do most women settle for pennies instead of making the serious money they deserve?
Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time no matter how smart or accomplished they are:

I’m just no good with money
I think I’ve reached the limit of my earning potential
I’m doing great, it would be greedy to want more
I should be earning more, but I’m afraid it would cost too much (in terms of health or relationships)
My partner takes care of the money
I’m just afraid to even look at my money situation
I wish I could just win the lottery
Money just isn’t that important to me
I have a good life, I should just be happy with that
I’m smart but I just can’t seem to break through to my next goal

So, what’s the “Magic Formula” for making more money?
Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp – Denise Duffield-Thomas1. An honest look at the root causes of your money blocks

This requires some bravery and self reflection (NOT years of therapy). In fact, some of your money blocks are years, even decades old. But they can be cleared.
2. Being surrounded by other like-minded and supportive people

This requires drastically upgrading your support network or mastermind. It also means not relying on friends, family or your partner to give you business validation.
3. A balance between the practical money stuff and the more inspirational woo-woo teaching

I love woo-woo, I really do – but seriously, isn’t it handy to know what to actually DO, in the real world to manifest your wildest desires?
4. It has to be enjoyable and fun otherwise you’ll quit

Clearing your money blocks might feel a bit painful at the start, but it’s also incredibly liberation and just requires some regular maintenance!
5. It needs to be repeatable

Because trust me, your money blocks have a sneaky way of coming up again to test you. Mine seem to come up every six months or so or when I hit an income plateau. They will keep coming up occasionally – regardless of you earning nothing… or a million dollars.
6. You need to give yourself PERMISSION to be rich

This is the most crucial one – and honestly, where most women are holding themselves back. They THINK they want money, but there is something out of reach stopping them from reaching their full potential.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it.
But I started teaching this basic formula. First to my coaching clients. Then to small groups of women. Then to hundreds, thousands and now tens of thousands of women around the world are getting RICH and LUCKY.
The results have been phenomenal.
Women all around the world releasing their blocks to abundance.
Ordinary women like you who are using their talents to build their wealth.
A beautiful community of women who are dedicated to increasing prosperity for the whole planet.
Now, I want YOU to have access to everything you need to change your money story once and for all.
I wanted to create NON-WOO WOO money training geared towards women entrepreneurs.
That you can access IMMEDIATELY no matter where you live
With a built in, life-time access mastermind that actually WORKS
Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas

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