Lloyd Burnett – Awake Manifestation  a 4 week course

Lloyd Burnett – Awake Manifestation: a 4 week course
Price: $497
You Just Pay: $67
Page Sale: _https://lloyd-burnett.simplero.com/page/57638-awake-manifestation-a-4-week-course
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87

Is there a guarantee?

I used to offer guarantees until realized that if I promise you results, it means I either believe I can control you or I’m delusional : )  I try not to fall into either category!

Your results are your responsibility. I will show up and give you everything I can, straight from my heart and from my experience of what works.

When you’re willing to meet me halfway and give yourself permission to achieve the results you  desire, then YOU GUARANTEE YOUR OWN RESULTS.

The only guarantee I offer is that I know that you will get exactly what you need, no matter what it looks like on the external.

Legally, I do not guarantee any results or make any guaranteed claims about your success.

Also, there is no money back guarantee either. You’re either in with two feet or not.

Do I get immediate access to the materials when I purchase?

Yep! With both options you can start with the Pre-Modules immediately.

Awake Manifestation Modules are dripped out on a weekly basis for 4 weeks.

Bonuses will be delivered after the completion of the program.

What if I need support? Are there any humans to talk to for help?

If you need any technical or logistical support during your time in the program, please email [email protected] My support staff will take good care of you : )

And yes, they are human.

Should I spend my last dollar on this program?

Only you can answer this question. Close your eyes, take a deep breath & ask yourself if this program is for you and if it’s for you right now.

People have manifested some unbelievable resources just by purchasing and investing in themselves.

However, your results depend on your readiness and willingness to go deep and clear blocks.

Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

Yes! You don’t have to finish in 4 weeks. You can take your time because you have lifetime access.

Will this program substitute therapy or other mental or physical health guidance I’m receiving?

No, I do not offer mental health, physical health or therapy services through this program.

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