Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud [Audiobook]

Name Product: Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work that Makes You Proud [Audiobook]
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Instructor :  Lisa Earle McLeod
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Does your sales force have a purpose? (Or do you just sell stuff?)
Shadowing hundreds of salespeople for a double-blind study on performance, sales leadership consultant Lisa McLeod made a significant discovery: Salespeople driven by a sense of purpose wildly outperformed those driven by quotas.
McLeod noticed that superstars didn’t look at their quotas and ask, “How can I meet them?” They looked at their customers and asked, “How can I help them?” In McLeod’s groundbreaking sales management book you’ll discover why driving revenue is not the purpose of a sales force. It’s the test of its effectiveness. Stellar performers don’t just “sell stuff.” They want to have an impact on their customer’s lives. In her brilliant sales book, McLeod shows sales management leaders how to cultivate a sense of “noble purpose” in their team.
When spreadsheets are more important than the customer’s condition, problems escalate for your sales team:
Customers view you as a commodity
Customers perceive everything as a sales technique
They place undue emphasis on minor problems
Contracts are constantly in jeopardy over small dollars
Sales strategy defaults to lowering the price
A sense of purpose produces more sales than bonus incentives it – shifts the conversation from hitting quotas to solving problems.
The questions change:
What are our customers’ goals and how can we help achieve them?
How might our customers do business in the future and how can our sales team help them get there?
What problems do our customers encounter and how can we help solve them?
How can our sales training incorporate the customer’s environment?
Instilling a sense of purpose drives revenue through the roof. This sales book is a blueprint for sales management leaders who want to discover their noble purpose and have it guide every decision they make.

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