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Ninja SEO + PPC Calculator Tool

Leon Tran Here, The Creator of The SEO Holy Grail and Penny Per Click, Both Of Which Have Been Awarded WSO Of The Day. Some Of The Best Selling SEO & PPC Ebooks At The WarriorForum. Now Bringing You An Exclusive BRAND NEW Ninja SEO + PPC Calculator Software….

To use the SEO Calculator, just enter in the 4 fields
as seen, check keyword ranking competition box, and click the Calculate button.

With the SEO Calculator, it will calculate the potential organic
search engine traffic you can get, the potential earnings,
and also the keyword ranking competition
(how difficult it is to rank for your targeted keyword).
You can even calculate the potential earnings from selling your own products and services, affiliate sales, leads, and even ads (adsense).
Here’s an example of the SEO calculation results
for the keyword Make Money Online:

In this SEO calculated report, you will be able to see the ranking difficulty of this keyword along with the estimated traffic and earnings if you were to be ranked on page 1 of the search engine results.
This is a great tool for affiliate marketers looking to
target specific niche keywords and to see the ranking difficulty along with traffic and profit potential.