Lee Holden - Qi Gong for Joints and Bones

Over time, repetitive motion, stress and improper posture deplete our joints and bones of essential life force. According to the wisdom of Qi Gong, this stagnant energy is an underlying cause of this deterioration; like standing water, “stale” energy leads to pain and stiffness. This simple, effective Qi Gong routine will free up the vital life force in your joints and bones and make you feel great!

This simple qi gong routine will also:
• Alleviate Painful Joints Naturally
• Increase Joint Mobility throughout the Entire Body
• Become More Flexible
• Increase Bone Density
• Cultivate More Energy

Qi Gong: for Healthy Joints & Bones™
Sequence of Movements

Spinal Cord Breathing
Increases the range of motion in the spinal joints
and enhances the flow of cerebral spinal fluid,
creating suppleness through the back.

Spinal Twist
Clears back tension, increases range of motion.
Knocking on the Door of Life
Increases spinal flexibility and circulation to the low
back; stimulates pressure points for more energy.

Opens the joints and trains the body to move with

Turtle Neck
Opens the joints through the spine and neck.

Palm Press Together Behind the Back
Stretches the neck muscles and opens the cervical (neck) spine.

One Hand Behind Back, Twist Over Shoulder
Opens the shoulder joint; stretches the muscles and
tendons around the shoulder.

Shoulder Circles
Opens the shoulder joint; increases circulation
around and through the shoulder.

Shoulder Shrugs
Opens the shoulder joint; increases circulation around
and through the shoulder; helps relax the upper body.

Opens the elbow joints; increases the circulation
around the elbows.

Increases circulation to the hip joints; opens the low back.

Opens the sacrum, hips, and low back; increases
circulation to the tailbone.

Leg Swing
Opens both the inner and outer parts of the hip;
develops coordination and balance.

Increases circulation and energy to the knees.

Opens the ankle joints; good exercise for balance.

Opens the wrist joints; brings circulation to the
hands; excellent for arthritis in the hands.

Wrist Circles
Opens the wrist joints; brings circulation to the
hands; excellent for arthritis in the hands.

Wrist Shaking
Opens all the joints, clears stress and tension, and
increases energy.

Whole Body Shaking
Opens all joints in the body; releases stagnant energy.

Arm Spirals
Opens all the joints in the body; develops
coordination and balance.

Tai Chi Opening
Increases energy in the body; trains the body to
move without tension; brings energy into the bones.

Bone Breathing Movement
Creates a rnind/body connection for the bones;
increases energy to the bones.

Bone Strengthening
Develops strong bones; cultivates deep energy.

Pulling Down the Heavens
Helps cultivate relaxation and healing energy in
the whole body.

Name Product:Lee Holden – Qi Gong for Joints and Bones
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Author: Lee Holden

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