Ken McCarthy – Advanced Copywriting Secrets For Serious Info Marketers
How To Write Great Copy…
Without Needing To Be A Great “Copywriter”
World’s most secretive 7-figure copywriter reveals how he does it…without swipe files, gimmicks or natural writing talent.

Do you know you can multiply the response of all your ads by using a certain (rather crude) swear word?
If you use an order form, do you know you can add as much as 30% (or more) response with a simple graphic in your word processor’s “clip art” gallery?
If you use email, do you know there’s a way to use some of the tactics created by spammers and other “e-criminals” so people are actually happy to hear from you — and even anxious to read your offers?
These are just a few of hundreds of intriguing (and sometimes downright bizarre) copywriting tricks of the trade I learned during a phone call with one of the direct marketing world’s sharpest (and most secretive) copywriters.
I’ll tell you more about this man’s secrets (and how to use them in your own ads) in a second.
But first you should know that, while this man is not a “name” copywriter, he’s easily one of the best copywriters in the world.
He’s actually so good at writing ads guys like Gary Bencivenga (billed “the greatest living copywriter”) and Marty Edelston (founder of one of the biggest direct mail houses in the world)…

Send Him “Fan Mail”
About His Sales Letters!

No joke.
His stuff is that good.
In fact, world-class marketing genius Dan Kennedy has been using samples of this man’s work for years in his teachings and seminars — including in his best-selling copywriting book, “The Ultimate Sales Letter.”
And when Agora Publishing (another direct mail giant) needed someone to teach the first (and most important) lesson of their advanced copywriting course…the first two people they called were the legendary Jay Abraham…and this man I talked with.
Plus, his own ads often run for several years straight — even against the best copywriters in the world.  He has one letter running now set to rake in at least ten million dollars ($1,000 per word) before it runs its course.
Anyway, here’s the point:
Even though he’s not a name copywriter…and even though he doesn’t offer copywriting services…this man is one of the “best of the best.”
And when I got him on the phone he dropped one fascinating copywriting secret after another — tens of thousands of dollars worth of advice — as casually as if he was chatting about the weather.
For example:
He told me about an incredibly powerful selling secret (often used by top car salesmen) that almost forces people to believe everything you say in your ads — even if your copy is weak, your claims are outrageous and you have no testimonials or other “proof” elements.
He told me how a lot of copywriters are crippling their income by subscribing to the National Enquirer, Cosmo, and some of the other publications the “gurus” insist you read.
He told me why an ordinary golf course is one of the best places in the world to create your sales letter headlines.
And check this out:
He also shared some of the secrets he learned while interviewing and talking with copywriting legend Gary Bencivenga.
Such as why it’s actually a mistake to spend a lot of money on copywriting books, tapes and seminars…The single best copywriting book ever written (that isn’t even a book about “copywriting”)…And a secret way of writing copy that…
Makes PeopleAfraid To Toss Out,
Delete Or Even Ignore Your Ads!
By the way, I took notes like a madman during this.
And if you want to know what some of these secrets are and how they work — simply fill in your name and email address below and I’ll happily send them to you:
But here’s the thing:
As incredible as all these tactics are…they’re small potatoes compared to the million-dollar secret (he calls the “secret sauce” of copywriting) he revealed at the end of our call.
A secret he’s used for the past 12 years to demolish his competition in one of the most over-heated markets in the world.
In fact, this tactic is so powerful (and simple) you can use it to create money-making ads on your very first try…
Even If You Break Every Copywriting
“Rule” Ever Invented.
Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?
I know, but it’s a fact.
And this man I talked with has personally seen people (who knew nothing about marketing and copywriting) create wildly successful ads from scratch using this one, almost laughably easy secret.
Anyway, I’ll tell you more about these incredible copywriting tactics in a minute.
But first, I want to tell you exactly who this “secret” copywriter is.
His name is Ken McCarthy.
And even though he’s mostly known for being a master Internet marketer and pioneer…he’s also one of the best copywriters in the world.
And while I can’t cover everything I learned from Ken in this letter, I can tell you how to get your hands on all the secrets above — plus hundreds more I haven’t told you about — at no risk to you…

And Even Free If You
Here’s how:
Last year Ken taught a small group of his friends, students and clients all his copywriting secrets in a closed-door conference in Miami, and taped it.
And besides the people who attended…almost nobody knows these CD’s exist.
Yet, they reveal the hundreds of almost unbelievably effective copywriting tactics Ken has kept to himself for over 30 years.
Secrets he learned while corresponding with the legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz.  While rubbing shoulders with the world’s highest-paid copywriters (like Gary Bencivenga and Dan Kennedy).  While studying advanced psychology and neuro-science at Princeton University.  And while selling in the most competitive industries in the world — like Wall Street, Hollywood and the “cut throat” music business.

And you know what?
No matter how hard you search…no matter how many “gurus” you study…you can’t find many of these secrets anywhere else…

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