Karl Iglesias - Writing For Emotional Impact Master Class (9-DVD Set)

There are three kinds of feelings when reading a script-interest, boredom, and WOW! To become a successful screenwriter you must create that WOW! feeling on as many pages as possible, and this requires writing designed to engage the reader emotionally. Going beyond what most seminars and books offer, and based on Karl Iglesias’s popular class at UCLA Extension, this DVD master class focuses on proven dramatic techniques that generate that emotional experience at every level of craft, from concept to character, from story to scenes, from description to dialogue. Topics include how to:

* Create uniquely familiar concepts that promise conflict.
* Instantly humanize characters for reader identification.
* Master the five key emotions of great storytelling.
* Craft fascinating scenes for emotional impact.
* Write vivid descriptions.
* Craft fresh dialogue that leaps off the page.

Karl Iglesias regularly charges over $400 to attend his full day class. Now you can benefit from the same material for a fraction of the cost.
Part of the Screenwriting Expo DVD Series, this 18-hour masters course is an exceptional value. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the finest faculty teaching screenwriting today.
Maximizing the Reader’s Emotional Response

“Superb! Excellent ideas, illustrations, and first rate presentation… Very knowledgeable… Best speaker in the entire expo.”
-Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Emotional Impact course at Screenwriting Expo 3
A must for any writer who’s mastered the basics but has yet to break the barrier. Focusing on the key ingredient of all successful scripts-the reader’s emotional response-author Karl Iglesias shows students fresh ways to evoke emotion on every page of their scripts. DVD includes:

* Why emotion is the key to successful screenwriting.
* What readers look for in talented writers.
* “Good” and “bad” screenplay examples.
* Why A-list screenwriters keep getting hired.

Testing Your Concept at the Emotional Level

“Awesome!… A thought-provoking, inspirational speaker-one of my favorites at the Expo.”
-Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Concept course at Screenwriting Expo 3
Did you know that 95% of novice writers fail at the concept? The concept is the core of the script. And most insiders agree that in Hollywood, the “idea is king.” You can create a great hero, write edgy dialogue, weave in a deep theme. But if you choose the wrong concept, or fail to develop it properly, you’re guaranteed an uphill battle at the marketing stage. This DVD includes:

* What makes a great idea, regardless of genre or whether it is a high or low concept.
* The three emotional requirements of a great idea that create interest, excitement, and fascination.
* Techniques to energize any concept, including soft-sells.
Crafting Complex Characters for Emotional Impact

“Insightful!… As good as his book… A wealth of information and a great delivery style… Relevance, techniques, and presentation are spot-on and energizing… Wow!”
-Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Complex Characters course at Screenwriting Expo 3
“It isn’t what happens to people on a page; it’s what happens to a reader in his heart and mind.” Expanding on the key element of all successful scripts, the reader’s emotional experience, author Karl Iglesias showcases techniques and tricks of the trade from highly successful screenwriters to instantly humanize a character, and achieve that elusive emotional connection actors look for. Topics include:

* The six key questions for building characters.
* How to reveal character on the page.
* The three keys to character connection.
* The distinction between character emotion vs. reader emotion.

Crafting Compelling Stories for Emotional Impact
“Fantastic!… Karl rocks!… So many useful tools worth every minute of the lecture… Clear, concise, effective. The best I’ve seen.”
-Attendees of Karl Iglesias’s Compelling Stories course at Screenwriting Expo 3
Without emotional involvement, a story is just a sequence of events, nothing more than words on the page, not the experience the reader craves. Going beyond what most seminars and screenwriting books offer-rules, page templates, and plot formulas-this DVD goes right to the source: the work of highly successful screenwriters, showcasing powerful techniques for crafting compelling stories. Topics include:

* The five essential emotions in all successful stories.
* Grabbing the reader in the first page.
* Suspense vs. curiosity, emotional moments vs. conflict.
* The power of anticipation.

Crafting Fascinating Scenes for Emotional Impact

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