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Name Product: Justin Brooke – Alliance Agency
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Author: Justin Brooke
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Increase Your Service Fees & Consistently Get More Clients?
Imagine if you could take a day or even a whole week off without wondering whether or not everything in your business is running smoothly.
By smoothly, I mean when you take a week off, the work is still getting done, sales are coming in, and clients are getting all the results you promised them.
And YOU didn’t have to do the work!

Instead the systems, team, and training you put in place made sure that you could enjoy your time off while the BUSINESS did the work.
Sounds like a dream right?
Maybe you’re thinking that could never be your reality, but the reality is THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD RUN and that it how your business CAN run.
If you own a small marketing agency or even if you are a freelancer, then joining the IMScalable Agency Alliance could be the best thing you do all year.
Inside you’ll be able to…membership-300x107

Access multiple training courses on prospecting, lead generation, pitching clients, closing bigger deals, writing better proposals, and having a full pipeline of deals waiting to work with you.t marketing strategies.
You’ll get access to checklists, spreadsheets, and process maps that allow you to setup systems that do the work – instead of YOU doing the work.
You’ll get to speak with experienced agency owners who are sharing how they are getting clients and how they are getting results for their clients in our private forum.
You’ll get constructive criticism from members on your campaigns, funnels and landing pages. All so you can create more profitable campaigns that lead to happier customers and more referrals.
You’ll learn how to recruit new team members, how to interview them, and how to manage them. Even better, give your login to your assistant and let them do that for you!
You’ll be able to use the Agency Alliance as a training source for your team members so they are trained to do the work for you.
You will be able to create partnerships with other agency owners and freelancers so you can grow your referral network.
Gain access to our lead-referral system where we connect you with REAL prospects with budgets ranging from $5k – $30k per month.
(We pay for advertising that generates leads for our members)