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Build your own High PR Network In A Few Simple Steps
Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to rank for ANY search term in Google at a whim?
It’s not enough anymore to write great content and throw a bunch of cheap article links at it to get it to rank. You need access to something more powerful: A Private Blog Network.
What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?
A Private Blog Network is a group of blogs built on (expired or aged) domains that you own.

Why do I need my own PBN?
PBN links are one of the most powerful types of backlinks you can have. What’s more, you have full control over them and can reuse them for different websites.
How To Find Expired Authority Domains?
You’re buying and using expired domains for your PBN because previous owners of these domains already built or received backlinks to these domains in the past. Now you can leverage
that authority by buying expired domains that already have links pointing to them.
It seems like EVERYONE is talking about (and using) PBNs…
However to set up a PBN properly without leaving footprints for Google is not as easy if you don’t know where to start and look for. Changes are you’ll make mistakes.

For example:
Buy bad or too expensive domains (with fake PR or spammed, penalized or de-indexed domains).
Use the wrong hosting provider. (Don’t use SEO hosting providers or C-class hosts as they all leave a footprint that’s easily detectable by Google and other search engines).
Wrong (inter)linking. (Don’t link from one blog in your PBN to another and use proper anchor texts and themes).
Leave other footprints (like using Google services as Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools, or using the wrong plugins).

Just to name a few.
Luckily Joshua Zamora and Brad Spencer have launched today their blueprint for setting up your own PBN.
By using their 6 step blueprint you will avoid these kind of mistakes and you will set up your own PBN for much cheaper than you ever imagined.
Once you’re equipped with Joshua’s 6 step blueprint you’ll be able to:

Rank Page 1 in Google in 27 days or less.
Profit FASTER from your efforts.
Target MORE competitive terms, which leads to bigger profits.
Get MORE traffic faster, which also leads to more profit.
Be able to CHARGE your clients more.
Gain massive confidence KNOWING you can enter any niche and obliterate the competition.

Sounds good to me…
Is this blueprint really that good?
After reading this blueprint I can say it’s a great source of information both for a complete newbie as the more experienced internet marketer.
I didn’t found bad advices or methods I don’t believe in.
But what’s even better, the OTOs are super deals too! (read below)
As one of the OTO’s you can buy Instant Domain Sniper (for only $19.99). The best tool to save you time and money with finding great expired domains on auctions.
Of course Google don’t like Private Blog Networks. And if they found out, you definitely will be penalized and loose your high rankings.
So before you buy, ask yourself the question if you really want to take this risk.
I know for sure that PBNs work and some people make lots of money by setting them up.
You can too and this blueprint will certainly help you. Especially if you take into account the…

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