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NLP Audio Program: Belief Craft. Modeling & Rewiring Beliefs & Belief Systems. With Doug O’Brien & Jonathan Altfeld
Here’s a secret way to laser in on your client’s hidden decision strategies, find their hot buttons that get them to change their mind, buy from you, or clear away objections almost magically.
These Ground-Breaking Techniques Will Make You Absolutely Unstoppable in Sales, Significantly More Effective in Changework, and Surprisingly More Compelling in Negotiation. You’ll Discover How to Covertly Influence People to Make Better Decisions

Dear NLP Enthusiast,
Finally, some 5 years after it was first trained, you can now learn “Belief Craft” in the comfort of your own home. Many NLP enthusiasts are missing certain critical skills for understanding how others think and where their mental pivot points are for changing their minds. You’re about to discover a new, proven blend to:
Change minds covertly WITHOUT raising suspicions or defenses; They’ll never see it coming, and they’ll be agreeing with your position and nodding their heads before you’ve finished talking.
Help move potential clients & sales prospects to CLOSE THE DEAL in such a way that they’ll be permanently glad they did it. Not one professional in a thousand knows these secrets, and this is a rapid way to engorge your bank account.
Uncover instant areas of agreement between brutally battling sides; watch disagreements melt when you apply this powerful approach.
Rapidly influence your coaching or therapy clients to make powerful changes; Get them to carry out your instructions or suggestions without hesitation or resistance… and have them think it’s fully their choice.
Tap in to closely-held belief-changing strategies known only to a handful of insiders. You’ll have these techniques mastered, ready-to-unleash, by the conclusion of this training.
Mysteriously convince romantic prospects why you actually ARE their type. Warning: you may be so flooded with opportunities, remember to exercise responsibility and discretion.
Skyrocket your referral rate with secrets practically stolen from a Dentist who locked his doors, unlisted his phones, turned away customers and exploded his client list. You already have what it takes to implement this strategy once you discover his wacky secret.
Amaze your Peers with your mystifying and high-impact Verbal Wizardry; Yes, your verbal magic tricks will sound cool, but more importantly, your friends will ‘wake up’ with changed minds.
Clone the highest performing member of your team, and reproduce the excellence, expertise and results across the entire team. This is the missing ingredient that makes NLP Modeling work simply and effectively.

A Life-Transforming Process
There are a lot of different approaches in the NLP world to working with beliefs. Most focus only on the change, and don’t lead to consistent results. This system combines two disciplines (one well-known to NLP audiences, another completely new to most NLP audiences) in an innovative way. We’re bursting with excitement to share with you the power of this unique blend.
One of these two now-blended systems teaches how to unravel other people’s belief & decision systems, and the other system teaches how to change people’s beliefs. You’re welcome to find yourself astounded that these two systems weren’t brought together until now…
Two highly regarded trainers of NLP merged their areas of expertise. They unleashed their one-two punch first in London in 2004, then Orlando, and then finally again during Summer 2008 as part of their Master Practitioner program. This is news, folks. Big news! Because…

You Can Send Your Skills Through the Roof!
Beliefs are at the heart of everything we do. The wrong belief can cripple our productivity, and the right belief can send it through the roof. Negative beliefs make us hesitate, and positive beliefs make us soar. The power to hinder, or enable greatness. Most of our future ability to achieve what we want… is all tied to beliefs.
Now two acclaimed NLP trainers, each with our own special focus on working with beliefs, have partnered together for a very unique training.
Belief Craft = Knowledge Engineering + Sleight of Mouth!  (You’ll read more about each of these further down.)

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