Jon Tarr – Viral Click Course without software

Jon Tarr – Viral Click Course without software
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Do I have your attention now?! However, like any online opportunity there is a window and this window will not last long.

No different from anything else in life you will need to take action, or get left behind…FOREVER! Ok, maybe not forever but you really shouldn’t stop reading what I am about to share!
Allow me to introduce you to viral blogging, where the era of internet abundance meets internet automation.
Put Simply…
Making money online has never been easier!
Let me explain more, in today’s online environment the only difference between you and other people who are making money online is simple.. They have access to resources and tools that give them strategic advantage also know as a edge on their competition.
Now, when it comes to profiting online the first to adapt to new strategic resources and tools will always reap the most in rewards.
I am going to show you how I created a viral blog, automated all the content posting, got boatloads of free traffic to my site and started earning $7,500 in this month alone from all people reading my blogs articles and clicking on other people’s ads I have displayed on my site!
The great news is it has never been easier to profit from this opportunity than right now.
This is finally your chance to capitalize on an online marketing opportunity
that has never been offered anywhere before.
And I do mean NEVER EVER before!
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Now, this all started a few months ago when I had read an article in the Business Insider about a guy named Scott Delong who had created a viral blog, which he later sold in three years time, for a $100 million dollar… the blog was ViralNova!
To do this Scott was spending nearly $10,000 per month on group of employees and some outsourcers who would scan the entire internet looking for articles that were trending or had gone viral. His team would then re-write these ‘viral’ articles and post them onto ViralNova.
He was then able to monetize the organic traffic the website would receive through people clicking on advertisements displayed throughout his site also known as native ads. Through this process in three short years ViralNova was valued at $100 million.
My first thought was there must be a way for me to automate the content creation instead of having to hire a team of employees to search, re-write and post the viral and trending content to my blog. Not to mention, I didn’t have an extra $10,000 per month lying around.
That’s when I set out to create an all-in-one software called Viral Click. It would take this proven business model from ViralNova and completely automate the whole entire process from start to finish.
Now, here’s the crazy part,
I started this journey just a few short months agoand I’m now in the position to sell a percentageof one of my viral blogs called
for $100,000.
No, that’s not a typo.
Not only am I using Viral Click to generate my own income, but now for the first time ever I’m passing along this opportunity to use this software to online marketers like yourself.
Finally you can have access to a proven system that generates results, enriches your bottom line, and allows you to live life on your own terms. Literally it’s so easy you can make money while sitting on your couch all day… Or night.
I am going to show you how to
use viral blogging to quickly replace your income and start working from anywhere in the world right now – would you be interested?
I created Viral Click as a one-stop solution for online marketers and awesomeness-preneurs like yourself who are ready to take massive action and start living the life you know deep down you truly deserve.
Now, let’s do some the math together, so you can start to see the true value and how powerful Viral Click really is:
As you already know there is an endless amount of opportunity to make money online.
But here’s the catch..
most online marketing softwares
only solve one part of the problem
when it comes to turning automation into cash…
They can automate the content creation, but provide no system to monetize this content to produce cash AKA money in your pocket.
There’s tons of great resources on how to monetize blogs, but once you get the information, theres little to no training on how to actually develop and implement this knowledge to be successful, let alone turn a profit.
Or they give you the tools to generate the blog content, but they don’t teach you the strategies on how to maximize your blogs potential as quickly as possible.
Not to mention there is always an ongoing lack customer support and it’s up to you to figure out the technology and how to make it work successfully.
Instead, you find yourself trying to patch together programs and strategies. It all ends up becoming too overwhelming before you start to see any real profit and you eventually give up and quit out of frustration.
Or even worse you jump to another shiny object that over promises and under delivers. Which once again leaves you feeling… FRUSTRATED!!
I know more than anyone that you don’t want to be seen as a failure, or you fear what people might think of you if it doesn’t work out.
This feeling of exhaustion happens when you have no ‘BIG’ picture goal to work towards, let alone a program that doesn’t work. With Viral Click’s thorough training and easy to use software interface combined with our world-class It makes earning automated income not only possible, but easier than ever. So you will spend more time in life… So you will spend more time on the important things and less time on the small details.
Behind Viral Click
Viral Click’s team led by Joey Baccus is a group of online entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and software developers that have come together to create a KICK-ASS online opportunity. not only will this opportunity change the way you view making money online, but will also give you more freedom in your life, your business, and with your family.
A little bit about me.. Joey Baccus
As your Chief Awesomeness-preneur, Creator of Viral Click and Co-Founder of, I’ve been working online since 2010. Along the way I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some celebrity marketers such as Frank Kern, Trey Smith and Jordan Beltford.
If the name Jordan Beltford sounds familiar, it should. Leonardo DiCaprio recently played his character in the film Wolf of Wall Street… Yes, that Wolf of Wall Street.
To date I have lead national advertising campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies including ADT, Dish Network, and AT&T.
I’ve created and sold over 6 million dollars
worth of products and services online, to date
In the process helping many of my consulting clients go from
6 figures to 7-8 figures in annual revenue.
Since developing the website using the Viral Click software to generate content the website was recently valued at half a million dollars and automatically generates $7500 per month in revenue from the advertising displayed within the site.
Now I’ve taken that same software and business model to create a world class product for my customers that I can stand behind with 110% integrity.
Viral Click was created as a side project, I never expected it to become what it has. But once I discovered how truly simple it was to make money with viral blogging, unlike anything else I’ve ever done online (and I’ve done a ton of stuff!!) I realized I had to share this with other people because of the insane amounts of potential it has.
This opportunity has helped other struggling online marketers to make for the very first time and finally realize what itfs like to live an amazing life on their own terms. Now, I want to share the freedom that this automation software provides with you today! Right now, right this second. It’s go time!
See What Other People Are Creating And Earning with Viral Click:
Some of Our Students Earning
Students First Time Ever Making Money Online
Are you ready to get content
that is 100% automated,saving
you tens of thousands of dollars so you
can start making easy money online
If you’re ready to gain the knowledge and learn the power of internet marketing then Viral Click is absolutely for you. It provides cutting edge leading industry strategies to capitalize on new opportunities. That up until now have not been available to online marketers
The software paired with group training and 1:1 support from myself and my team ensures that you will be on the fast track to being profitable in no time. Seriously, you can’t lose here, we’ve got your back.
Total Value: Well Over $4,000
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