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Jon Mercer is known as “The Coach’s Coach.”  In the above video he explains the origins of “The Art of Abundance,” and  how “confirmation bias” prevents most people from acquiring wealth.
Jon has worked with Dr John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and dozens of world-class motivators. Now you have the opportunity to be personally coached by one of the best in the business.

Tools to Create Your Life By Design
The Art of Abundance series has 10 video chapters, covering the tools and techniques of creating the abundance mindset. But that’s just the beginning…
The full program includes tons of valuable resources to shift your mindset, like CashMoneyMagic and BigFatCashMoney, two extraordinary subliminal re-training videos that change your perspective at the deepest levels (see demos below).
​You’ll also get the 3-video Subliminal Wealth Series, and the full audio book of “The Science of Getting Rich”  (narrated by Jon Mercer).
You’ll also receive access to our exclusive MEMBER’S AREA, where you can live stream the video series from your phone or any mobile device. You’ll literally be watching just minutes after ordering.

A Full Visualization Toolbox
The full program includes many bonus resources, like the amazing Cash MoneyMagic and BigFatCashMoney Wealth Consciousness Training videos.
​ Written & narrated by by Jon Mercer, these unique visualizations pull you deep into a world of abundance and unstoppable success.