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Hi, I’m David Wildash and  I’m going to show you how you can quickly and easily fast track your success and profit from inside information, bypass trial and error and base your success on the proven tactics of the top marketers, the most successful websites, and the best affiliates by uncovering the traffic driving and profit pulling strategies they wouldn’t show you even if you paid them.
And no, this is NOT about some secret software or some special loophole that’s going to disappear in a couple of months. This is a legitimate business strategy that you can apply online that will literally help you reproduce the results the gurus and your most successful competitors are getting. And it’s not difficult. In fact the most likely reason you’re not doing this already is that you’ve never heard of it because so few people talk about it. Yet this strategy could REDEFINE how you approach internet marketing.
Now I realise this claim probably sounds like hype. Without being familiar with this technique, I would be sceptical too. But when you hear the details in just a moment, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it can be to get traffic to your website in just the way others are driving traffic to theirs.

Getting Traffic Can Be One Of The Hardest Things
As you know, your online business is nothing without traffic. Unfortunately, getting traffic can be one of the hardest things about building a profitable online business.Lots of people spend months trying to overcome this problem. They spend hour after hour trying to understand various methods. They agonize over search engine optimization, using social media, setting up ads correctly. They’ll buy e-books, invest in courses and pay big bucks to marketers and gurus.
In fact, this is exactly what I did for years. Months of late nights, gallons of coffee, racking my brain to connect the dots of the latest system that promised to send me a flood of enthusiastic buyers.
But instead of a flood all I got was a trickle of prospects to my sales pages, blogs and twitter accounts. This went on for months, years. Paying out good money, putting in the effort, and still not getting the results or profits. It became so frustrating there were times when I could have taken a hammer to my computer. Nothing seemed to work no matter how much I tried, no matter I how much I paid, no matter how much I trusted the gurus.
Like many others I’d paid good money but just ended up frustrated, jaded, and disillusioned.

Time To Start Watching
Eventually I realized something. Advice online is often outdated , based on guesswork and opinion, or just plain incomplete. It became apparent to me that following advice was not getting me the results I wanted. So it was time to stop listening and, instead, start watching. Time to disregard what was written and said. Instead I would take a close look at what these gurus were actually doing with their own websites, their own blogs and their own social media accounts.
Let me ask you this. If marketer A spends his time learning several methods that may or may not work and has to spend time, effort and money to test each of the approaches he’s taught by the so-called gurus; and marketer B has decided to stop buying unproven courses and finds a way to cut out the trial and error by following exactly what the guru is actually doing, then who do you think will end up with the most profitable online business by the end of the year? That’s right, marketer B will win hands down. He’ll be the one who will have only used methods proven to work online NOW. He’ll be the one who concentrated only on what works and built a business that gets the traffic, gets the prospects and makes the profits. If you’re not as successful online as you’d like then it’s probably because you’re just like marketer A and you’ve been taking the online traffic and business building information at face value.

Success Leaves Clues
What you need is a way to see past what is being said and look at what is actually being done. If success leaves clues you want a way to find the evidence right before your eyes.
The ironic thing is I already knew some of the tricks that would enable me to do this. You see, my wife and I had set up a business. I was supposed to produce the info products and she trained as a web designer to put them online. Only it hadn’t worked out like that. While I struggled to get traffic to sales pages and blogs her web design side of the business took off and she started helping local businesses
Now, I’m not a web designer but I did make a small contribution. As well as doing some networking I also wrote website reviews. This meant I learnt how to interpret some of the coding behind websites. I knew how to discover backlinks, and I knew how to evaluate our client’s competitors.
Using this as a starting point I began to discover resources and build up a set of steps that enabled me to discover how the experts were driving traffic, how they were promoting products and how they were recruiting affiliates.
Eventually I reached a point where I could listen to a guru on a webinar and be checking his claims as the webinar was broadcast. If he said he used article marketing, I could check it. If he said he promoted lots of products, I could check it. If he dropped some hints to whet our appetites I could discover a few of the secrets he was keeping in his back pocket.

See What The Experts Are Doing
Imagine being able to see what the experts are actually doing online. Operate undetected right under the noses of your competitors. Spy on the traffic generating and revenue producing parts of their businesses and incorporate them into your own traffic streams and sales funnels.
If you’re not getting the traffic you need then being unaware of the information that’s available out there is like being a caveman freezing to death next to a pile of coal. The right knowledge can change the situation.
So now I’ve put together the right knowledge. I’ve taken all of my methods and put them into a manual and video based program designed to turn you into an online spy.
I’ve documented the entire process so that you can profit from EVERYTHING without having to go through the painful learning curve that will cost you time AND money. You’ll get manuals that help you master the basics before you start using covert strategies. I’ll cover everything you need to discover other people’s successful traffic building efforts. You’ll know how to reveal the truth about how the gurus and your successful competitors are getting traffic.
I’ll outline the exact steps you need to take to discover tactics, keywords and resources others are using and I’ll show you how in videos that give you explicit detail. I’ll show you how to map out proven sales funnels and how to discover profitable affiliate campaigns so you know exactly what to promote and how to promote it. Plus I’ll show you what to do next and how to use online resources that are free or have free trials available.
These methods do not use spyware, trojans or other questionable software.
The bottom-line is that over the last couple of years I’ve put together some simple yet powerful strategies to reverse engineer what others are doing, enabling you to build traffic to a website while other people show you the way. And the really great part is that this is NOT a skill, it’s not rocket surgery … it’s simply a process that anyone can follow, starting today! Providing you have the right education and tools of course. I break down the entire process and I show you everything that you need to do right now, starting in five minutes time.

Only Use Methods You’ve Seen Work
With this information you can stick to only those methods you’ve proven and verified.
If you’ve wasted time and money on methods that haven’t worked this is a must for you. It seems like every day there is someone with a new idea or product to sell, a latest short-lived loophole to exploit or a new push button software solution which can magically make cash out of thin air. With just a little research you can save yourself countless more hours of frustration and wasted time and money trying to make something work that isn’t proven to work.
If you’re prepared to use the covert spying tactics I can teach you then you can have other marketers effectively working for you, finding the methods that really do work and getting an edge over your competitors.
Let your rivals stay up to date with the latest keyword research and traffic techniques. You can simply get in “under the radar”, look over their shoulders and take advantage of their hard work. It’s a sneaky but ethical shortcut that you can rinse and repeat in as many niches as you want.
If you’ve failed to get traffic to a website because you could not find a trusted plan, here’s the solution.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
I’m so sure you’ll be pleased with the course and with your results that I’m absolutely guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason you can use the 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, no small print, no hidden clauses.
I’ve just removed all the risk from you, and put it all on me and my course. You have nothing to lose.Success Belongs To Those With Insider Information!
You can have an online business built on the complete and utter security of using methods that are proven to work, safe in the knowledge that this is what the gurus are really doing, this is how your competition is really succeeding. And the rewards are even sweeter when you have other marketers doing the hard work of trial and error for you!
This information is invaluable. I’m sure I could charge $200 or even over $400. But I’m not going to do that. I want to put this within the reach of everyone who’s felt the anger and frustration that I’ve felt. And that doesn’t mean I’ve lined up a sneaky, vital and overly expensive one-time-offer that will insult your intelligence once you’ve hit the Buy button. Oh, and that’s another thing I can show you: how to discover if there’s a OTO, or loads of upsells beyond a sales page without having to buy anything. In fact without having to go to the sales page at all!

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