How to Start Making Money with Ecommerce
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A Step by Step Guide to Maximizing Your E-commerce Store’s Profitability with Proven Strategies.
If you’re reading this, you’ve probably passed the point of setting up your e-commerce site, and now you’re looking to improve your sales.

In this course I’m going to cover:
How just tweaking a few on-site elements can increase your profitability by 14%
How to attract the right people to your site instead of just plain non-converting visitors
How to spy your competition have them to give you their customers
How to maintain a killer customer service plan that keeps your business thriving
How to optimize your site from top to bottom to gain hidden sales

This course is split into 3 key areas:
The 1st section discusses how to increase targeted traffic to your site using marketing, advertising, and social media strategies. Some of the topics include:
How To Use Your Blog To Build Authority and Leads
Facebook & The E-Commerce Marketing Funnel
How to Set Up a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign
Spy On Your Competitors To Get A Competitive Edge
What Metrics Should You Track?

The 2nd section covers ways to improve your visitors’ experience once they’re on your website. It discusses conversion optimization, how and what to test on your site, product listings, website navigation, and much more. Some of the killer content we’re going to discuss include:
What’s Your Homepage Value Proposition
Do Your Visitors Trust You? How To Increase Confidence with Trust Elements
Navigation Layout (Under and Over 50 Products)
Test Your Website Non-Stop to get Non-Stop Results
Focus on Your Bestsellers FIRST Product

The 3rd section talks about what happens after the customer purchases, including customer support, email marketing, shipping, and retargeting. You’ll learn some of the following techniques that made our companies millions including:
Retargeting to Convert the People Who Didn’t Buy
Use Email Remarketing to Convert Interested Potential Customers Into Buyers
Create the Best Customer Service Plan
Ship Products Quick & Gain Customers Attention
Let Your Customers Sell For You With Product Reviews

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