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3 Life Altering Days To Your Total Financial Transformation…
Finally… Your Chance To Acquire The Secret Systems, Strategies And Tactics the SUPER RICH Use to Generate Significant Wealth and The Lifestyle Most Only Dream Of!
Hosted By John Assaraf, New York Times Best Selling Author and The Leading Mindset and Wealth Creation Experts

From the Desk of John Assaraf CEO PraxisNow
Dear Friend,
If you wonder why you’re stuck earning the level of income you currently are, when deep inside you know you’re capable of earning more, then you’re about to be extremely happy.
But first… can you tell me if any of these apply to you?

Are you doing well, but you’re not gaining the traction fast enough to reach the financial goals you have for yourself?
Are you just plain tired of being stuck in your same financial circumstances month after month, year after year?
Does the frustration of having a FAR lower income than you know you’re capable of achieving bother you?
You’re not sure whether you’ll be able to retire with the disposable income and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

This Is Your Chance To Experience The Only Scientifically Based Financial Transformation Event In The World Today

Everyday I see people who will never be able to reach their life’s goals and dreams. Some have lost a significant portion of their net worth as a result of the recent recession. Many have businesses that haven’t done well. Almost all live with uncertainty about their financial future.
No predictable path to wealth. No real security. No core knowing their family will be taken care of in case something catastrophic happened.
It worries me and it might be worrying you also.

The financial prison I see people in. Behind invisible bars, unable to break free to where they want to go. Fearful of making the attempt because they don’t want to disrupt where they currently are now. And, many are even afraid of making progress only to lose it again.
With fear of losing what a person has, they are often shackled in a mental prison that keeps them stuck and incapable of taking the action necessary to achieve their financial security and abundance.
If you’ve ever said to yourself “I am worth more than I’m making and I should be further ahead than I am”, then pay attention now because what you’re about to see will help you shatter your financial glass ceiling and accelerate your income earning potential for the rest of your life.
Imagine yourself making twice as much and even three times as much money as you are now.
Imagine living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about and haven’t yet been able to achieve up until now. At our upcoming Money2 event your financial life will be given a serious boost to take your income, lifestyle and freedom to the life you’ve always dreamed about.
Sadly, everyday I see people who are doing good but are stuck in a financial prison instead of thriving financially. Unable to break free from doing well to a life where they’re creating significant wealth. Fearful of making the attempt because they don’t want to disrupt the good (but not great) earnings they have now. And, many are even afraid of making progress only to lose it again.
With fear of losing people are often shackled in a mental prison that keeps them stuck and incapable of taking the action necessary to achieve strong financial gains toward early retirement and building a sizable pool of wealth.

Join Our 20-20-20 Mission
Here at PraxisNow it is our mission to create 20,000 New Millionaires by the year 2020. And with that we are asking each client of ours to commit to donating 1-10% of that new wealth we help them create so that we are able to ensure $20 million dollars gets donated to helping great causes.
So that’s our 20-20-20 mission. Will you join us?
Imagine yourself earning an extra million (or several) by the year 2020 and helping others by contributing to the $20 million we as a group will be donating.
Imagine how great you will feel once you’ve been able to significantly grow your own wealth as well as help your favorite charity or cause even more than you are now.
So join our mission today and together lets make a strong positive impact on the world we live in.
Our 20­-20-­20 Mission is starting with our event called Money2: The Art and Science of Financial Success
Here is the agenda for Money2…

Day 1: Rigorously Tested, Scientifically Backed, And Evidence Based Principles for Releasing Any Mental Blockages You Have While Training Your Brain For Peak Efficiency, Stress-Free Financial Abundance, and Wealth
Learn the latest evidence based and scientifically proven methodologies to release any of your doubts, fears, and anxiety around money and your life.
Our world renowned brain experts will teach you how to eliminate stress and any hidden beliefs or habits that are destructive and holding you back from achieving significant wealth. Wealth that enables you to live you life on your own terms so you can enjoy more free time for yourself and with your family and friends while having peace of mind that every day you have more and more wealth coming into your life.
During the first powerful day of this life-changing workshop, we’ll take you through an intensive Inner Game “BOOTCAMP” and help you create the right MINDSET for financial success.
We’ll systematically uncover the limiting beliefs, habits, fears and negative emotions that are unconsciously sabotaging your efforts to create greater results and success using the newest neuroscience techniques (these breakthrough methods have only been shared with the scientific community, so I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen these powerful methods before).
We’ll help you Recognize and Release The Inner C.R.A.P That Is Holding You Back! – During the second half of Day One, we’ll begin addressing the C.R.A.P. – Conflicts, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems (i.e. Procrastination and Pessimism). You’ll discover the latest, easiest, fastest, and best ways to get rid of the excuses that you have. So that once and for all you will learn how to get rid of the stories, beliefs, excuses, reasons, and negative beliefs and habits that have held you hostage – AND develop the right mindset for maximum revenues, profits and income this year!
We’ll help you create milestone achievement marks for all aspects of your financial life, so your income and business revenue grow, your debt gets paid off sooner while saving you thousands of dollars in interest, your net worth grows faster than ever before and so you’re able to save for your kids’ college education at the finest private schools. At Money2 you’ll receive financial strategies, systems and action plans so you gain a lifestyle and freedom you’ve only dreamed about up until now.
You’ll also uncover your big “why” – There are two types of why’s people have related to goals. The first level is easy to identify – “I want to earn $500,000 because then I could travel as much as I’d like and sock away a lot of money for retirement.” But there’s a bigger why in play, too … and this why is what fuels our passion and commitment. Your why might be so that you can live with total freedom. Or maybe it’s because achieving a certain income level would allow you to impact the world in a big way via charitable giving and doing.
And Much Much More!

Day 2: Insider Secrets For Earning, Investing And Managing And Protecting Your Hard Earned Assets Part 1
Starting day 2, we’ll get right into the specific details of what you need to know to earn and accumulate real world wealth that will help your retire rich and happy.
You’ll learn:
How to make a fortune in the Stock Market with low cost options. This will give you the secrets you can use to potentially make as much as 10,000% in 5 months on your money
How to think about and invest in businesses like Billionaires. You’ll be given the strategies, tactics and exact 40 point checklist used to evaluate investments for Billionaires. What is different about how Billionaires create wealth from how you do? This segment will reveal that answer. Plus you’ll see how to lower your risks while leveraging for greater upside profits
An amazing and effective way to raise private capital for your business deals or real estate investments
Why most fail to really understand the meaning of the numbers in the stock market and the insights to give you an unfair advantage in the biggest investing opportunities in the world
How real estate can grow your net worth faster than you ever realized, while taking on less risk than you ever imagined using other people’s money
How to exponentially grow your business revenues using the most advanced online techniques to generate more leads, sales and revenues

Day 3: Insider Secrets For Earning, Investing And Managing And Protecting Your Hard Earned Assets Part 2
During the first half of day 3, we’ll focus on how to accelerate business growth (yours or your employers), so you can have higher profits or be paid more money from your employer with the increased revenue results.
You’ll uncover:
The smartest 3 ways to grow any business
The fastest, easiest, way to double the revenue in a business inside of 6 months
How to add more repeatable, consistent income and cash flow to your company
Lead and revenue Automation and Systematization secrets that enable you to get twice as much done in half the time
How To properly manage your current income so that you reduce your debt faster and increase your net worth and disposable income
And much, much more!

We’ll finish off the second half of the day and wrap-up the conference by helping you finalize your “money making action plan and financial success blueprint”.
Think of it as your own personal treasure map, incorporating everything you’ve learned, making darn sure this isn’t just another seminar… but rather a life and financial transforming experience that revolutionizes your life and your income from now on!
To ensure that you maintain your momentum and keep moving towards achieving your financial goals, you’ll also receive 12 months of support via our private VIP “Achievers” online community.