Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 Hypnotic Selling Secrets

Have you ever wondered how money-making ideas seem to flow non-stop to some people like water pouring down a waterfall, while others seem to struggle trying to come up with just even one profitable idea?
That question used to drive me crazy when I was struggling trying to make my first dollar marketing on the Internet.
Now that things are different, as I now pull in millions of dollars from the Internet, I often get the question, “Joe, where do you get all of your ideas and inspiration for your products and books?”
This is always a tough question to answer because I often get ideas for new products, courses, and books from just about everywhere.
I usually quote the famous saying, “Success leaves clues” and explain how I study successful people, successful marketing promotions, and find ways to duplicate their success in my own business.
But recently, I had such a dramatic mind-shift that it nearly turned my business upside down.
Within an hour of when the big ah-ha moment hit me, I found myself updating my marketing and business models for all of my products like a crazy artist working feverishly on a new masterpiece.
This mind-shift was so profound that it kept me awake into the wee hours of the morning and I realized that not only did I need to change the way I do business on the Internet, but everyone else would need to in order to survive.
This is going to blow you away.
Now before I tell you how you can use this powerful marketing method in your own business, allow me to explain how this big idea came to me.
“Little Did I Know That A Simple Little Walk
Would Change The Three-Step Hypnotic
Marketing Process Forever.”

It was a Saturday afternoon around 2:30, and I had just finished my third and final phone interview for the day for a new marketing product I have been working on.
I was worn out from being on the phone for nearly six hours and knew it was time to take a break.
All morning I had been staring out the window in my office. It was a beautiful day. There were no clouds in the sky and there was a cool breeze blowing that made everything feel so calm and peaceful.
I headed downstairs, grabbed a bottled water, my small notebook and pen that I always carry with me where ever I go, and then headed out the door to go for a walk to clear my mind.
As soon as I stepped outside into the fresh, crisp air, I took a deep breath and felt all of the built-up tension melt away.
The breeze hit my face and I closed my eyes listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the birds in the distance.
I allowed myself to let go, and shift my mind from “marketing-mode” into a more calming and relaxing state. I opened my eyes and proceeded down the walkway and took a sip of the ice cold water I carried with me.
As soon as I reached the end of my driveway, I noticed a small patch of flowers that our landscaper must have just planted.
I stopped and looked at them for a moment, and then continued to walk down the road letting my mind roam and decompress

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