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Even if you’re new to copywriting… you’ve struggled to make sense of what the hell goes on a landing page… your idea of a campaign is an ad and a prayer… and your history of writing has been accompanied by such side effects as upset stomach, diarrhea and night sweats…

If you’re looped into best practices in inbound marketing, you know you need high-converting landing pages in your toolkit.
But it’s hard to do more than the bare minimum, given the vague training that’s available in blog posts and Udemy courses.
I know. I’ve seen it all with businesses of every size. From one-person agencies to huge tech companies. You want to create campaigns and funnels that convert – but how??

You’re in a unique position to put landing pages to excellent use for your business
You’re familiar with Copy Hackers…
So you’re already a step ahead. You already know copy is your online salesperson. And you wouldn’t dream of sending your online salesperson onto the “sales floor” without writing her an incredibly reliable sales script.
Translation: you know great copy makes money. And shit copy costs money.
Plus, you know that, even if you can’t write landing pages like a pro today, you’re only a few lessons away from conquering each landing page with unmatched skill.
That’s what I’m here for.
I’m here to help you seize hold of the opportunity that’s tied up in landing pages…
And, oh, the opportunity! Check this out…
Landing pages are as easy to create as an ad. Sign into your landing page platform of choice, and hit “New Page.” Instantly, you’ve got a page.
Landing pages are repurposable. Get the core of your page right, and you almost never need to create from scratch again. Just hit “duplicate” and modify. (I’ll teach you how.)
Landing pages are simple to A/B test. Ever used Unbounce? To split-test your landing page, you just duplicate a page, modify it, publish it and tell Unbounce to send 50% of visitors to it.
Landing pages are targeted. Your website is completely NOT targeted! Your business’s lobby is completely NOT targeted! But a landing page. My oh my. You wanna create a Facebook ad for single moms aged 25 to 30 living in Newport with Homeland as their favorite TV show? Go for it – and craft a landing page for that exact visitor.
Little wonder the Unbounces, KickoffLabs and Leadpages of the world are generating so much buzz.
But here’s a secret…
The biggest challenge for new users of landing page solutions isn’t creating a new page.
It’s writing a new page.

I will teach you to master the art and science of writing landing page copy that converts
Last year, it occurred to me that basically every marketer I knew and every copywriter I knew was writing landing pages the same way they wrote home pages.
They didn’t realize that there are actually unique rules for writing landing pages.
They couldn’t assess what was wrong with a landing page.
Because they didn’t actually know how to write it right.
They didn’t know what to do beyond message matching and axing competing links from a landing page.
And because they didn’t know what I knew – and what I was teaching my mastermind students – they were guessing every single time they sat down to write a page. No wonder they weren’t creating multiple pages for new campaigns! Writing landing pages was torture for them.
So I decided to teach what I know.
I overhauled our course – The Copy Link – to do exactly that.

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