Joanna Penn- Secrets of Independent Publishing
What you will learn on this Indie Publishing course:
Why indie/ self-publish anyway?
What’s the difference between self-publishing and indie publishing?
What are the pros and cons of indie vs traditional publishing?
What are the worst mistakes that self-published authors make?
What are the top tips for self-publishing?
How to weigh up your publishing options and make the best choice for you and your book
Why professional editing and cover design are so important for indie authors
How to evaluate print on demand companies vs. author services companies and how much you should budget for services
What you need to do before you publish a print book
How print on demand works and why it will save you time, money and effort in reaching readers
Secrets of book cover design with expert Joel Friedlander from
Top tips for page layout and what can go wrong with formatting the interior of your print book
When you need an ISBN and whether free ones are ok to use
How much self-publishing costs for a print book or an ebook and how this affects pricing
How reading habits have changed with ebook readers and how you should publish ebooks even if you don’t read them

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