The topics covered in this course include:
Shaping your inspiration, nurturing ideas.
Plotting a novel vs. discovery writing. Outlining.
Deciding genre, character, plot, sub-plot, theme, timeline.
Starting with a bang
The muse and the inner critic
How to actually get the words done. Word count targets. Editing too soon. Writing fast.
The saggy middle.
Genre and deciding what kind of book to write
Writing scenes: the revelation that changed the way I write
Dialogue and character discussions. Writing a 3D antagonist/villain.
Setting. Researching places you’ve never been to.
Writing action and fight scenes.
Bum glue. How to free write and get the first draft out of the way whilst working a day job and having a real life
Psychology of the first draft – what to do when you think your writing is terrible. To tell or not to tell others.
What happens after the first draft. My editing tips and tricks.
Before you rewrite
The beat sheet. Structural survey of the novel.
Editing your first draft – the essentials
Ending on the right note
How to know when the draft is finished.
What to do next.

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