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Author: [b]Skip McGrath, Jim Cockrum, Jose Calero, John Bullard[/b]
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In Early Spring 2015 Four of Amazon’s Top Expert Sellers Revealed Their Secrets for Finding Wholesale Deals, Locally & Globally
Conducted on location just prior to the Vegas ASD
Attendees paid $1,300 + travel and hotel to attend…
but we captured it all for you on video!
The training revealed in these videos is just as useful for those who DIDN’T or CAN’T attend trade shows live and it applies to any trade show you might ever attend. The training will help you understand why wholesalers and brand owners need you, and how to properly approach them live or virtually. As a bonus, we are including the book ‘Trade Show No Show’ from TradeShowNoShow.com that reveals how you can find great inventory from trade shows without ever attending one!


About the event:
ASD happens twice per year and it brings the widest variety of merchandise together in one efficient consumer-goods trade show. Seven shows in one: gift & home, fashion accessories + affordable fashion-apparel & footwear, jewelry & cash + carry, health & beauty, toys & novelties, value & variety + general merchandise, source direct.This made ASD a great opportunity to gather interested entrepreneurs and teach them to source using the same wholesale strategies that are used by some of today’s most accomplished sourcing experts.
asd-experts-graphic-05The hosts were Skip McGrath, Jim Cockrum, John Bullard Sr, and Jose Calero. These are four leading experts in the arena of finding profitable inventory and growing highly profitable business models online. The training helped prepare attendees for maximum results when approaching wholesalers during and after the event. The training event was held on location in the two days leading up to ASD Vegas (Feb. 28 & Mar. 1) and we filmed it all for you!
Attendees participated in two days of intense training and discussion about trade shows that you can use well beyond just ASD. Attendees learned:

7 ways to source products for eBay & Amazon
Importing products to sell
Sourcing techniques to find exclusive & private label products
Sourcing strategies to create bundles
Steps to building multiple income streams
Why you aren’t just a seller – you are an Internet Marketer
How to beat Amazon at their own game with an unfair advantage
Why “information” as a product is the best margins you’ll ever see – and how to do it right
How to prepare for a trade show
What to do at the trade show
What to do after the trade show
How to benefit from trade shows without attending
…and much more!

Now available for replay at your convenience.
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