Jeremy Haynes - Digital Marketing Manuscript
Jeremy Haynes – Digital Marketing Manuscript
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Author: Jeremy Haynes
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Clarity & Understanding
  • Intro
  • What Type of Business Are You In?
  • Intentions
  • Self Education
  • What Type Of Agency Are You? In-house or Outsource?
  • Agency Tools and Resources
  • The “Load The Cannon” Phase
  • Friends, Partners and Allies
  • Being Successful, Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • What is positioning and why does it matter?
  • How to position yourself for success
  • Authority Hijacking and How To Do It The Right Way
  • Market Your Results, The Hard Flex Vs The Soft Flex
  • PR – Expand The Category, Advertise To Retain The Marketshare
  • What’s Your One Thing?
  • How To Gain Expert Positioning?
Products and Services
  • Different Services of Different Agencies
  • Recurring Vs Transactional
  • How To Get Who To Work On What
  • Think With Profit First
  • How To Set Up Your Bank Account
  • The Project Manager
  • The Right Clients Vs The Wrong Clients
  • How To Present Your Offers – Decks Vs Playbooks Vs Agreements Vs Proposals
  • Your Product or Service Limits
  • Expansion Vs Contraction
  • Conditions – Your Guide To Being Stress Free
  • Rule 1. No Refunds
  • Attitude – Where it all starts
  • Conviction – How You’ll Persuade Others On Anything
  • Duplicating Yourself With Salespeople
  • Outflow = inflow
  • Gamification – Using Leaderboards
  • Know your packages
  • How To Sell Google PPC
  • How To Sell Facebook Ads
  • How To Sell Social Media Management
  • Selling the Mega Package
  • How To Sell Retargeting
  • How To Sell Funnel Creation
  • How To Sell The Additional Services Upsell – Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Voicemail Marketing
  • How To Sell PR Services – Public Relations
  • How To Sell Landing Pages And The Rule Of Not Selling Websites
Sales and Lead GENERATION
  • How To Sell Your Teams Abilities
  • How To Sell Speaking Gigs
  • Handling Objections Intro
  • too much money
  • not enough value
  • not enough time
  • What is my ROI going to be?
  • need to talk to my business partner
  • Not the decision maker
  • Bad reputation
  • not interested
  • under contract
  • using someone else
  • I’m good right now
  • just hired someone else to do it
  • Using Video Follow Up
  • The Average Close Happens Between The 5th-12th Follow Up Attempt
  • Creating A Reward System For Yourself
  • Dealing With Rejection
  • Phone Sales Vs Internet Sales
  • Contextual Selling – Deep Vs Wide
  • CPR – Clear Process To Revenue
  • VAK – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
  • Pricing – Getting Your Prices Right
  • New Client Flow – How To Handle New Clients With This Process
  • Systems Save Lives
  • Accountability – How To Keep Your People Accountable
  • Expectations And Success
  • Using Statistics
  • Knowing Your Client Limit
  • Unemotionally Running Your Business
  • Know When To Bring In Help
  • Speed To Result
  • What Positions Are Needed For Delivery?
  • Production Vs Execution
  • Over Delivery – A Satisfied Customer is one step away from being unsatisfied
  • Leadership vs micro managing
  • The Delivery Process
  • Communicate The Process – How To Retain Clients Longer
Team Building
  • The Perfect Team – Who You’re Going To Need
  • When To Bring In New Team Members
  • How To Know You Have The Right People – IQ, EQ and The Aptitude Test
  • How To Track Stats on your team
  • how to fire people
  • how to interview and hire
  • how to structure payroll
  • W2 vs 1099 – Do They Need Benefits?
  • Keep Your Team Motivated
  • Self Accountability
  • How Long Should Their Tasks Take?
  • When Is A Team Right For You?
  • Salary, Hourly, Or Commission?
  •  Should You Be Transparent With Your Team?
  •  How To Train Your People
Advanced Tips
  • Agency Marketing Tricks – How Get Business And Attention Fast
  • Provisional Equity
  • Advanced Negotiation Strategy
  • 30% Like Apple
  • 90/10 Write Off System
  • Go To Events – Lead Generation
  • Lifestyle Tips – Build Your Business For You
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