Introduction to HTML  Build a Portfolio Website
There’s no shortage of reasons to start learning HTML. Here are just a few:
Hiring a developer or work with one already? Learn some of the lingo and what goes into creating a website so you can better communicate with them.
Are you a web designer? Find out what goes into making your designs come to life in a browser.
Are you already using a framework or CMS to publish your content or blog? Learning HTML will give you the power to tweak your code and layouts.

Building a site from scratch is fun and empowering!
I freaking love HTML! We’ll skip a lot of computer history and get right into how to translate content into code. The more people with this knowledge, the more great content can be shared on the web. Whether your current or future site is your portfolio, a great new blog, or pictures of your pets, I can’t wait to share this class with you so you can start sharing your content, too!

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