Jay Abraham- Ramit Sethi Braintrust Interviews

If you’ve read my work, you’ve noticed me mention a mysterious team that helps create all the insights, videos, and strategies and tactics you learn. I’ve also mentioned some of my advisors and mentors.

But I rarely introduce you to them by name.

Until today.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my most influential mentors: Jay Abraham. His insights have changed my life. If you’ve ever wondered who I study and learn from, here’s your answer:

His book made me over $100,000 in one month
He helped double my business in one year
I applied his advice to my personal life and had amazing experiences in just a few months

So how did I double my business? I learned many valuable strategies and tactics from Jay, but the most important things weren’t “secrets.” Instead, the real keys to growth that Jay opened up for me were:

Having a friendly but firm leader who was there to support me – but call me out when I wasn’t living up to my own standards. (When was the last time you had someone like this for you?)
A supportive community. (How many of us have friends who challenge us to be better?)
Being held accountable. (Each month, I’d have to report what I committed to the previous month, what I accomplished, and sometimes explain why I DIDN’T do what I said I would do – in front of everyone.)

This experience was so transformative that I used these building blocks to create a similar opportunity for IWT students – “Ramit’s Brain Trust.” This program brings together 2,000+ IWT’s top students to discuss self-development, hold each other accountable, and even organize dozens of in-person meetups around the world every single month.

Plus, I invite a special guest to the group each month to share their wisdom and experience.
So, I’m honored to welcome Jay Abraham as this month’s Brain Trust guest.

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